Bank Of America Can't Help Me Because They Can't Get Through To Their Own Help Line

Here’s yet another example of just how confused things are at Bank of America these days. It’s not just customers who can’t get answers from the company’s help line. Heck, even the bank’s employees can’t get through.

Reader Esther popped into her local BofA to talk to someone about her daughter’s UTMA account on which she’s the custodian. The personal banker with whom she was dealing couldn’t answer Esther’s question so she picked up the phone and called to get some info from the company help line.

From her e-mail to Consumerist:

She had the phone to her ear as she was checking her computer. We waited for about 10 minutes and I saw that she wasn’t speaking to anyone on the phone, so I asked her whether she was on hold. She said, yes, that she is not getting through to their customer service. I asked whether it was a customer service line for internal use of staff and she said it was.

After waiting a bit longer with no luck getting through, she took down my phone numbers and said she would call me on Monday when she’s able to get through to customer service.

Now, I am not complaining that the banker had to double check something to make sure she is doing the right thing. In fact, I am glad that in such instances the person is double checking. The problem was that the employee was not able to reach the support line and as a result, they were not able to help us.

So the next time BofA forecloses on on the wrong house, or holds your pet parrot hostage, you shouldn’t expect too much when you pick up that phone to complain.

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