DirecTV's 3D Flag Football Game Is Not The Super Bowl

If you’ve just bought a pricey 3D TV set, and you’re bummed that the Super Bowl won’t be available in 3D this year, DirecTV has a message for you: The Celebrity Beach Bowl, a flag football game featuring former NFL players, will be available in 3D. If that’s something you really want to see.

Consumer Reports checks in from the sidelines of the game, which will feature Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez as coaches:

The Celebrity Beach Bowl, which will be shown in 3D on the DirecTV/Panasonic full-time n3D channel as well as in regular HD on the 101 Network, will be broadcast live on Saturday, February 5, the day before the actual Super Bowl airs. It will also be picked up by a number of Fox and DirecTV regional sports networks. …

For the festivities, which kick off at 1:30 ET with a pre-game show, DirecTV will transform Dallas’ Victory Park into a mini-stadium that rocks a sand-filled football field and concert stage, where Maroon 5 will perform immediately following the game. Dan Patrick will host the game, which will pit New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning as coach of one team against New York Jets quarterback (and hopefully Super Bowl participant) Mark Sanchez, who will coach the other.
Former NFL-ers Warren Moon and Rich Gannon will captain and their respective teams at quarterback, and other athletes will join the teams.

We’d like to hope Sanchez will be a little too busy to spend the day before the Super Bowl coaching this thing. Any chance Ben Roethlisberger could fill in for him?

No 3D Super Bowl? Catch DirecTV’s 3D celebrity flag football game [Consumer Reports]

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