Texting Woman Who Fell Into Fountain May Sue Mall

A woman who was so focused on texting that she fell into a fountain is suing is hinting that she may sue the mall after leaked security footage of the incident went viral.

The video was taken by someone watching the security monitors. In it you can hear laughs and see fingers pointing. The woman says that instead of chuckling, security should have sent someone down there to help her.

Her attorney told the New York Daily News that they might be pursuing a lawsuit.

“We are troubled by the fact that anyone at the Berkshire Mall responsible for releasing this video would find humor in an employee injured on the premises,” her attorney told the Reading Eagle. “We intend to hold the appropriate persons responsible.

The woman, 46, says that while she does not usually text and walk, that day she did. She says she was texting a church friend who wanted to know her and her husband’s birthday.

When she talked to the mall management, they blew off her concerns about the video getting popular online because no one can see her face. But a church friend of hers called her and said she recognized her from the way that she walks.

Now she is coming forward to talk about her lawsuit and to raise awareness about the privacy and security concerns stemming from the video’s release, and to warn others about the dangers of texting.

“Do not text and walk,” she said.1 step leads ‘Fountain Girl’ to unwanted fame [Reading Eagle](Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)
Texting woman falls in fountain, files lawsuit [KFSN]

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