The Woots And Groupons Of Travel Bargain Sites

A number of travel sites have cropped up offering “Woot-like” and “Grouponesque” deals for getaway bargains that are available only for a limited time before a new deal goes up, and/or gives you a price-break the more people who jump onboard. Here’s a few to peruse:

One-Day Sale Sites
SniqueAway – requires an invite, but just google for “Snique Invite” and you’ll find links that will get you in.
TabletHotels – luxury and boutique hotels around the world
Jetsetter – Sweet photography lures you into high-end destinations at great discounts. Registration required.

LivingSocial – last-minute deals on food, and local business. Share the deal with others and if 3 of them end up buying it, you get yours for free. Email registration required.
TripAlertz – The more people who buy a deal, the cheaper it is. Registration and email required.

For the sites that require an email address, use a tossaway, like one at Mailinator, if you don’t like that aspect.

Got a fave we left off our list? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Alvis says:

    I like that when I read “Grouponesque”, I think “how are these travel sites going to ruin a small business?”

    • jmhart says:

      The only small businesses that I’ve read about or talked to that were hurt by their participation with Groupon were already hurting before Groupon, and probably already on their way out of business. Groupon can’t fix a crappy restaurant/store and a place that’s already cut margins and eliminated any hint of customer service isn’t going to benefit by going 50% for a couple hundred people. Those people will do what I do, they’ll say “This place is barely worth the 50% off, I wouldn’t even think of coming here at full price”

      • Kibit says:

        I do that a lot with gift cards too.

      • Ben Popken says:

        Also, a place with shitty customer service and no idea how to handle customers is only going to have those problems magnified by a tenfold increase in customer volume.

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          So Groupon just puts the nails the the coffin, eh?

        • Ilovegnomes says:

          Oh man, do I ever agree with this comment! I stopped using Groupon to try businesses that I’ve never been to before for this exact reason.

      • Red Cat Linux says:

        “This place is barely worth the 50% off, I wouldn’t even think of coming here at full price”

        I ate at a restaurant where the meal was awful, asked for the check, the manager came by, asked if there was a problem (the plate looked like it hardly had a dent in it). I explained my dissatisfaction, he gave me two coupons for a free entree. Win, right?

        I used one a few months later. At the grand total price of “Free” it was not worth it. I threw out the second coupon. I’m gonna eat dinner once today – Even at “free” it wasn’t worth it to do that to my stomach again.

  2. gambrill says:

    You can get a Snique Away invite here

    I’ve not used it a ton, but the one trip I did secure was a solid deal. It’s kinda like Woot; you don’t want everything everyday, but occasionally a deal catches your eye.

  3. anime_runs_my_life says:

    Add Dealight and Morgan’s Deals (though Morgan’s only seems to have deals for Austin, Kansas City (MO) and St. Louis at the moment) for the Grouponesque sites.

  4. Magspie says:

    Eversave is another grouponesque site.
    Here’s my referral link (sorry I couldn’t help myself):

  5. flipflopju says:

    Don’t forget Voyage Prive and Vacationist. I really like TripAlertz because you can submit your own ideas for future trips. This site has a good breakdown of all the deal sites for travel:

  6. kalmanizer says:

    If you would like to be invited then JUST send me an email to and I will invite you. :)

  7. embely says:
  8. UnlockYourDollar says:

    Awesome list! I had no idea that these existed. I’ll have to take a closer look at them.

  9. embely says:
  10. jesusofcool says:

    Anyone have any suggestions for great cheapo last minute vacation sites? I’m looking to take a 5 day break next month and I don’t have any preferences other than warm and cheap as long as I can get a semi-convenient flight.

  11. INsano says:

    Just wanted to check out what they had, so I looked at TripAlertz’s Twitter account. They had a daily deal to “Las Angeles, CA”.

    Uhhhh…think I’ll pass on them.

    Can you even fucking IMAGINE where your luggage would end up?

  12. Magspie says:

    Living Social has $20 Amazon gift cards for $10 if you check Oklahoma City.