The Woots And Groupons Of Travel Bargain Sites

A number of travel sites have cropped up offering “Woot-like” and “Grouponesque” deals for getaway bargains that are available only for a limited time before a new deal goes up, and/or gives you a price-break the more people who jump onboard. Here’s a few to peruse:

One-Day Sale Sites
SniqueAway – requires an invite, but just google for “Snique Invite” and you’ll find links that will get you in.
TabletHotels – luxury and boutique hotels around the world
Jetsetter – Sweet photography lures you into high-end destinations at great discounts. Registration required.

LivingSocial – last-minute deals on food, and local business. Share the deal with others and if 3 of them end up buying it, you get yours for free. Email registration required.
TripAlertz – The more people who buy a deal, the cheaper it is. Registration and email required.

For the sites that require an email address, use a tossaway, like one at Mailinator, if you don’t like that aspect.

Got a fave we left off our list? Let us know in the comments.

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