College Student Pays $14,000 Tuition In Singles

A student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is making headlines after deciding to pay for all $14,300 of his semester’s tuition in $1 bills.

“You’re looking at all this money and you’re thinking ‘Wow, this is for one semester of school,” the out-of-state student told a Colorado news station about toting the cash to the bursar’s office in a duffel bag. “It was quit a sight and they said that nobody had even payed in ones before…. I just hope that it kind of stirs some conversations and people talk about it.”

His mom says she hopes her son’s stunt will bring some attention to the rising cost of an education. “Tuition has gone up so much and there are a lot of kids who don’t have a family who can send them to school,” she explains. “There are a lot of children who have to pay for their own education, who have to take out loans.”


Student Pays Tuition In $1 Bills, Parents In Sacramento React []

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