Yankees Cut Me Great Deal: 5 Tickets For The Price Of 6

A Yankees fan who is so hardcore that he buys actual tickets to physically go to games, Scott not only has to deal with the failure to land Cliff Lee but also a missing ticket from his six-pack order. The screw-up is thanks to a mailing snafu he can’t seem to get the club to address.

Noting that the tickets were guaranteed to arrive by Christmas, he writes:

I’m not sure if I’m e-mailing the right address but I’m a little frustrated and not sure where to turn.

On December 7th I ordered a 6 pack of single game tickets to 6 different Yankees games (Holiday Pack E). They were guaranteed to be here by Christmas and some were.

They e-mailed on December 17th to say there was an error with the printing of one of the tickets. I received a call saying they couldn’t ship to my PO Box so they’d need a physical address. I gave it to them and they said to call them at that number with any other questions.

Scott says the Yankees then FedExed him four of the tickets, along with a reprinted ticket a couple days later. He’s still missing that last ticket, and nothing he’s tried the past few weeks has gotten the team’s attention:

I’ve e-mailed them through their web site four times and have not even received an automated response. The last attempt was tonight on Twitter to @Yankees and @YankeesPR. I’m not holding my breath. Any ideas or help? I know it’s almost 3 months away but I paid for 6 tickets and I received 5.

What would you do if you were Scott? Other than wish Derek Jeter would retire already.


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  1. danmac says:

    If he really wants to go to that sixth game, I guess he’ll have to keep at it. If he can live with 5 games, he should do a chargeback for a percentage of the cost.

  2. coren says:

    Scott says he’s emailed, he says he’s tweeted, but I don’t see that he’s called. Maybe he has! But they did give him a number when they contacted him about his PO Box issue (why could they send one ticket there but not others?) – has he tried that? He’ll have a much better chance of a response if he calls.

    • sgarrand says:

      I did call, 4 times. I had no luck at all. Even had a guy’s name (Al) and number. No answer, no response. They’ve hung up on me and forwarded me to non-answering lines.


  3. Darrone says:

    The Yankee’s expect people to overpay for things…. Wonder why?

  4. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Call someone at HQ in sales. The people who handle season ticket holders and group sales are probably also involved in the package deals as well, since their job is to essentially coordinate packs of tickets. If the holiday pack was offered through Ticketmaster, you need to talk to Ticketmaster. But seriously, pick up the phone.

  5. El_Fez says:

    Hey Scott – there’s this new invention I’ve heard about, the kids say it’s all the rage now. Something called a Telephone, where you actually communicate to another person in real time. It’s like texting without the keypad.

    If everything else fails, you might try that.

    • sgarrand says:

      I did call them, several times. That part got edited out. I got hung up on and left messages. No help at al.

  6. tbax929 says:

    Actually, this sucks. I echo the poster above who suggested calling them. If that doesn’t work, maybe a chargeback? If that doesn’t work, call one of the sports guys at a local station.

    Or you could pick a team that’s a little more desperate for fans. I bet the Pirates would have sent you all of your tickets the first time! (My apologies to Pirates fans. I’m a life-long Phillies fan who’s suffered through my share of horrible seasons).

  7. andyg8180 says:

    ive never known yankee stadium to sell out except for yank/sox games and even then… I would give up all hope and switch teams lol

    • NeverLetMeDown says:

      That’s pretty darn funny. The Yanks drew, on average, a shade shy of 47k fans, with 52k seats. If you exclude the seats that are >$250, the large majority of games are sold out. If you doubt that, try showing up for a summer weekend game an hour beforehand and trying to get a seat at the box office for

      Now, if you want to StubHub tickets for a Wednesday game in mid-April against the Indians, you’ve got literally several thousand tix to choose from…

  8. Stuey says:

    If one last phone call doesn’t work, he should open up a dispute with the credit card company and then repurchase the 6th ticket once the dispute was settled in his favor.

  9. Quake 'n' Shake says:

    The 6th ticket was for a Royals game, so it’s not that big a loss really.

  10. FireJayPa says:

    As a Nationals Fan, I dunno what to tell you. I usually buy tickets on the cheap off of Stubhub or from a scalper right before the start of the game.

  11. xscarfaceloux says:

    Email this guy…


    He’s the dude responsible for season plan holders, and he’s pretty responsive for just about any questions I have.

  12. mbd says:

    Did he call them at the number he was given, as he was instructed to do if there was any issues?

  13. TRT418 says:


  14. dush says:

    Put a call into the Times or the Post?

  15. chiieddy says:

    Insert obligatory Red Sox fan YANKEES SUCK! post here…

    He’s emailed them several times but has he tried calling the Season Tickets line at the box office? Generally there’s a human there year round to sell you seats where you can’t see the field and have to watch the game on a TV monitor.

  16. Andy S. says:

    Become a Mets fan.

  17. HorseplayEconomics says:

    Based on my dealings with the Yankee Stadium Box Office, it doesn’t look good. Refer to the consumerist article about a lawsuit. They call you asap on their knees looking for anyway for you to drop the lawsuit.