U.S. Seizes Killer Chocolate Eggs At Canadian Border

The Kinder Surprise is a delicious chocolate egg that contains a small toy. They’re available pretty much everywhere….except the United States, which has banned them because the tiny toys present a choking hazard to small children. And people who like to swallow chocolate eggs whole, we guess. The CBC reports that a Winnipeg woman didn’t know this, and was almost fined $300 for attempting to bring a single $2 egg into the country.

The U.S. takes catching illegal Kinder candy seriously, judging by the number of them they’ve confiscated in the last year. Officials said they’ve seized more than 25,000 of the treats in 2,000 separate seizures.

“They have been determined to present … a choking hazard to young children,” said Mike Milne, a spokesman for the U.S. department of customs and border protection. Milne said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration supports the Kinder Surprise ban.

Wondering what else you can’t bring back over the border? Check here.

Kinder Surprise egg seized at U.S. border [CBC] (Thanks, Gray!)

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