Destinkify Your Car With Charcoal And Baking Soda

A cigarette smoke-soaked car is a pretty gross thing (to most humans) and getting it out is a chore. But by sprinkling a few common household ingredients around it, baking soda and charcoal powder, you can cut it down pretty effectively and cheaply.

You can spread the charcoal powder and/or baking soda around the car and let it sit in there for a few days, sucking up the odors. Then hose it all up with a vacuum when you’re ready. You can also let the powder(s) sit in a coffee filter or something for a less messy cleanup, but it may not be as effective if the stinks have seeped down into cracks and embedded themselves in the upholstery.

Remove the Smell of Cigarette Smoke in a Car [Wired via Lifehacker]

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