Boll Weevils Found In School Lunch Noodles, Removed, Then Noodles Served

An Ohio school district sent a letter home to parents informing them that cafeteria staff had found boll weevils inside bags of dried eggs noodles that were to be served for lunch. The workers removed the weevils, boiled the noodles, and later served the noodles.

Minus the removing part, I think that was a rejected chapter from Matilda.

It’s not dangerous to consume boll weevils, which officials said got into the packages at the factory, but it sure isn’t what you want your property taxes going towards.

The boll weevils is a bug about six millimeters in length that usually feeds on cotton and flowers.

Ohio School: Bugs Found in Noodles Used in Lunches [Washington Post] (Thanks to Howard!)

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