U.S. Airways Attendant Leaves Traveler In Wheelchair Out In The Rain

Once again demonstrating its commitment to excellence, U.S. Airways reportedly left an elderly traveler stranded in the rain on a wheelchair lift for several minutes while her daughter looked on helplessly.

The woman, a stroke victim who requires wheelchair assistance, and another woman in a wheelchair had been escorted to the plane by flight attendants. However, it wasn’t until after the passenger was put into place on the lift that the attendants noticed there was no lift operator to be found.

Describes the daughter:

[The attendant] left my mother in the rain to look around for the operator… During this time the other attendant with the second lady motioned for me and my little grandson to come onto the aircraft, as we approached the bottom of the stairs of the aircraft in the rain, he motioned for us to go back to the building as the aircraft was not ready.

In going back to the building I saw my mother still sitting on the lift in the rain waiting for the lift operator, who returned a few minutes later.

The passenger’s daughter said she is sure the attendant wasn’t intentionally being neglectful but that the airlines should be “more sensitive when dealing with the older generation.”

She added, “elders become very sensitive and feel that they are a burden to others, consequently once sitting on the aircraft my mother broke down and cried.”

The daughter says she has been contacted by the airline and that they have told her they will be sending a written apology.

You may remember the story from October of the U.S. Airways passenger — a professional motivational speaker who has cerebral palsy — who was removed from a flight because he was too disabled to fly.

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