I Call For A New Credit Card, Am Told My Account Is Canceled

Andrew thought everything was fine with his Bank of America credit card account, save for the physical card itself, which was frayed and needed to be replaced. Then he called customer service and was told not only would he not receive a new card, but his account would be killed because of delinquency.

Wondering whether or not the cancellation would have happened if he hadn’t called in, Andrew writes:

I called the Bank of America customer service, to ask for a new card as my current card is falling apart.

After, making the arrangements to have the card sent, I was asked to wait as I was transferred to another department for a couple of questions.

Upon being transferred, and asked several questions about my income, where I preside, and other questions I was told that my card was being canceled because of a delinquency on my credit report. I explain the problem, of the delinquency as it was a medical bill that I was paying off from a recent surgery, that went to collection because of an error and mistake on my part.

They further explained that it was policy, that they were canceling my card because of this delinquency. Even though, this delinquency has existed couple months prior, and it was only till then after asking for a new card, that they would cancel my account.

On one hand, Andrew has to wonder whether or not he’d still have a functioning credit card had he not called in. On the other, if his card was going to be canceled it’s better that it happened at home rather than when he was trying to pay a bill or make a purchase.

Has anything like this happened to you?

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