KFC Employee Suspended For Screaming At Customer In Australia

We can all get a little bit ornery at KFC, but an employee at one of the Colonel’s halal friendly eateries near Sydney, Australia got positively enraged the collar when a customer requested bacon on his burger.

According to Islamic law governing food, bacon and other pork products aren’t served at the halal KFCs, so the employee in question couldn’t have provided the meat even if he’d wanted to. Which, judging by the video of him screaming “Don’t record me, bi**h!” and “Don’t f*****g record me!” he probably didn’t want to.

A spokesperson for KFC Australia told local news ninemsn that the employee at that restaurant, located in an awesome-sounding town called Punchbowl, had been suspended and offered counseling after the bacon-inspired blow-up.

“KFC Australia strongly condemns the behaviour of the team member who appears in the clip and sincerely apologises for this very inappropriate reaction,” the spokesman said.

However, KFC is also looking into the incident to see if the pork-ordering customer had harassed and provoked the employee before the recorded incident. Two sides to every KFC fight story, is what my grandma always said.

Hats off to Consumerist reader Trung V. for the tip.