Is It Time To Jump On The Jumpin Jammerz Bandwagon?

Ah, there’s nothing like a fresh clothing fad to make everyone get all excited and start dubbing products “the new Snuggie.” As if we need anymore Snuggies! New to the novelty apparel scene are Jumpin Jammerz, which are, well, footie pajamas.

Yeah, we’ve all had a run-in with footie PJs, those overly hot, itchy, polyester sleepwear items that seem like a good idea in theory, until your mom accidentally zips your skin into a world of pain.

Jumpin Jammerz seem to be targeted at adults, who can you know, not just sleep in them, but party in them, watch football with pals while clad in pajamas, heck, even head to Vegas for a quickie wedding in footed PJs. Because after all, “Life’s a pajama party! Crash it!”

When did clothing get so… extreme?

Jumpin Jammerz

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