Pair Accused Of Defrauding Casinos Of $1.4 Million

Feds have arrested Pennsylvania men — one of them a former police officer — who stand accused of exploiting a flaw in slot machine software that caused false double jackpots to show up. After running up as much as $1.4 million in winnings around the world, they were tracked down by authorities.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports one of the gamblers faces 650 felony counts, including criminal conspiracy and “computer trespassing.”

The men discovered a glitch that caused certain machines to incorrectly show that huge payouts were in order following a pattern of button presses. The story says a third guy joined in the scheme, and the participants stashed money away in safety deposit boxes. One of the men is expected to testify against the others in return for probation.

Swissvale man accused in casino thefts arrested by federal agents [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via Slashdot]