Lenovo Demonstrates How Not To Keep Track Of Your Inventory

When you order an item from Lenovo, your item could be out of stock, backordered, shipping sometime in six months, or have falled into another dimension never to be heard from again. At least, that’s what Eamonn discovered when ordering a USB thumb drive along with a Thinkpad. Lenovo first showed an absurdly far-off shipping date, and then finally–days later–admitted that they had sold something that was never actually in stock.

I purchased a Thinkpad and USB key from Lenovo’s website on December
22nd and when I looked at my order status I was a little surprised:
the estimated ship date on my USB key was May 12th. I called customer
service and I was assured that listed ship date was May 12th was in

“Call back in a few days to make sure the information is updated” is
what I was told.

So I was a little annoyed, when I called back, and the shipping date
hadn’t been changed. I was told again that this would be taken care of
and to call back in a few days.

I called back in a few days and I was more annoyed when, after talking
to two customer service representatives, that the order still hadn’t
been updated. When I finally spoke to a supervisor, I was told that I
could call back on Monday “after we hear back from the warehouse
department” because “this item is actually out of stock.” I was also
told that I could cancel my order or wait for a “transitions option”
which would allow me to change my order to a new product in about a
week but they couldn’t tell me more about this option when I was
talking to them (I had to call back in a week). The supervisor I spoke
with also told me that he couldn’t understand why I was angry because
“you’ll have a transitions option a week from now.”

I understand that Lenovo is large company with many customers but
still it would’ve been nice if they had:

1) Not sold me an item that wasn’t in stock.
2) Notify me that I had ordered an out of stock item as soon as the
issue was brought to their attention (I don’t think I should have to
call Lenovo three times before they admit error.)
3) Offered me the opportunity to change my order sooner than three
weeks after the initial error seems “too little too late.”

I ended up cancelling the order. I can walk to Best Buy and get a new
USB key in less time than it would take Lenovo to ship me one. The
whole event has been frustrating because I’ve alway been a fairly
loyal Lenovo customer and I was put off by their callousness when
handling this problem. If I wanted lousy customer service then I
could’ve gone elsewhere and spent less money.

Yeah! Like Best Buy! …Oh.


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  1. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

    At least they didn’t ship you a Boxcutter instead of your thumb-drive?

  2. rahntwo says:

    If I wanted lousy customer service then I
    could’ve gone to Best Buy. Oh wait…

  3. Erika'sPowerMinute says:

    “could…have falled”


    • outis says:

      Yeah, I hate to be a grammar nazi, but that made my brain feel like it shifted gears without a clutch.

  4. polishhillbilly says:

    Did submitter mean Dell instead of Lenovo? surely it must be a typo.

  5. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    This stinks. I’m in the market for a laptop and was seriously considering lenovo because some of their models don’t have the stupid keys that I’m having issue with on my toshiba’s keyboard. Though I’ve just discovered that apparently ALL of samsung’s laptops have the same keyboard (as the lenovo which makes me happy).

    Also, Eamonn is like THE BEST NAME EVER!

    • Platypi {Redacted} says:

      The Lenovo laptops are not bad (although certain models over the years have been stinkers). Just don’t ORDER them from Lenovo! Use a reseller, like CDW or similar that carries them. Our company uses Lenovo systems, and for a time, ordered straight from Lenovo. They would actually ship them from China, and offered very little in the way of tracking and time expectations. We would see 3 weeks at a stretch with no computers. CDW took over and now we can easily get good machines in 2-3 days, faster if needed.

      • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

        I almost alwasy buy from Newegg if possible :) Right now I’m just stumped – do I want in i5 or an i7?

        • Platypi {Redacted} says:

          Newegg has been pretty great for computers/parts, I agree.

        • Red Cat Linux says:

          i7 if you can afford the bump in price.

          Buy the best system you can comfortably afford to get as much use out of it as possible.

        • CPENinja says:

          Check out tomshardware.com for their charts on CPUs to see the difference. If you’re in for a laptop, I’d honestly say an i3 – the larger chips REALLY drain that battery.

          As for lenovo, I work for IBM, so we get their laptops (which used to be ours before they… well, before they ruined them). After using a BUNCH of different models over the years, I give lenovo my highest rating for a laptop: 3/5. But that takes into account my impressive employee discount.

          Seriously, almost every laptop on the market is either overpriced and not worth it or underpriced and secretly dog shit.

    • scoosdad says:

      I think the OP’s issue was with getting them to ship them a USB stick, not the laptop.

      Course the rest of the episode doesn’t speak well of their overall customer service. However maybe in their defense, they were all saying to themselves, “come on, it’s just a USB stick…”

      • Krebshack says:

        I wanted to address Scoosdad’s “come on, it’s just a USB stick…” comment.

        I use Linux exclusively and I can’t install Linux on my netbook without having a USB stick with a Linux boot image installed on it. This is why I had been attaching so much importance to the USB stick.

  6. Jacquilynne says:

    This has been pretty much par for the course for my dealings with Lenovo. I tried to order a new battery pack from them, because my laptop wasn’t much of a laptop without one, and that proved to be about 6 months of ever changing ship dates that would come and go and nothing would be shipped. And every time i would phone them and ask them if the new date was really real for reals, yo, and they would swear it was, and it, too, would go by with nary a peep about my battery shipping.

    After about 6 months of fighting with Lenovo, I was issued a laptop by my employer (also a Lenovo), so stopped caring whether I had a battery for my personal laptop. It has never arrived. I assume they cancelled the order at some point, since it was a good 3 years ago. Or maybe I cancelled it after I no longer felt I needed it, I don’t actually remember anymore at this point.

  7. BradenR says:

    Well at least I’m not the only one who attempted to work with this company. I ordered two keyboards, what could be simpler. They sent 4 but charged for only two. I asked them to send me an RMA to ship back what I had not paid for. No way, the were adamant that I had to give them my credit card to be charged and then ask for a refund. I also said no way and sold the extra keyboards.

  8. BettyCrocker says:

    Huh – Lenovo is the company use because of poor service from HP, Dell and Gateway.

  9. ecvogel says:

    I bought my new laptop in Aug ’10 and it was not too acurate. When I got it, then it said the date and time it shipped…

  10. Dukebruno says:

    I’m a Lenovo dealer. I’ve had people come to me with magazine or on-line ads asking me to match (or beat) a ridiculously low Lenovo Direct price. I tell such people to (nicely) go pound sand. In numerous instances I’ve gotten panic calls from those same people saying that little Johnny or Sally leaves for University in 2 days and Lenovo still hasn’t shipped the Thinkpad that was ordered 6 weeks ago. Could I please sell them that Thinkpad at a good price. Sell it? Sure. Good price? Not so much.

    BTW, we also sell IBM. Ordering from them is like issuing a purchase order to a black hole. They have absolutely no idea what they have available to ship at any given time. The order might ship the same day or maybe 3 weeks from now. No way for them to let me know in advance so I can set a level of expectation for the customer. And they want to manage systems for customers. BAH HAH HAH!

  11. Jeepman says:

    Hmmmm sounds a lot like Dell!!

  12. Jeepman says:

    Sounds JUST like Dell