How Many Non-Working Smartphones Before You Just Give Up?

How many defective smartphones does it take in order for a customer to surrender in frustration and just pay an early termination fee? Craig is on his fourth HTC Evo from Sprint since mid-December. He would like a working phone. Sprint, it seems, would like him to go away.

I’ve read about other cell phone troubles on your site, but here’s my
recent go-round with Sprint and my HTC Evo(s)…

12/15/10 – Took my 1st HTC Evo into Sprint service center because the
USB port won’t charge the phone. I paid the $35 service charge because
I don’t carry insurance on the phone. Received a replacement phone
same day. They said this phone carried the same 30-day warranty as any
new phone, so repairs would be free within 30 days. The 2nd Evo’s
backlight stopped working the same day.

12/16/10 – Took 2nd HTC Evo into same Sprint service center b/c of bad
backlight. Received a replacement phone (3rd Evo) the same day. Within
a few hours, I noticed a spot that would come and go on the LCD. It
looked like a liquid or glue under the touch surface. I also noticed 2
bright spots–one over the “b” on the keyboard, and one above the home
key. By the end of the day, the first spot (glue?) that would come and
go stayed there permanently. When making the calls, this 3rd Evo was
nowhere near as clear as the first; the speaker sounded terrible and

12/18/10 – I tweeted about my issues to @sprint and @sprintcare
responded. They asked me to email my situation to I write up my frustrations about the 3 Evos
and asked what they could do for me. I asked if they could just send
me a new phone without me having to go into the Sprint service center
again for a 4th phone. I GET NO RESPONSE. No reply, nothing.


12/29/10 – I tweet to @sprintcare about my email and no response, they
say “sorry you didn’t get a response”, but offer no help. Nothing.

12/29/10 – I took the 3rd Evo into the Sprint service center b/c of
the LCD and speaker issues. I specifically request the Evo be shipped
to my house if they don’t have a replacement in store. Hours later
when I return to pick up the repair, they tell me they’ll ship me a
new Evo and return my old phone. I asked them if they could guarantee
this (4th Evo) be a new Evo, because the previous 2 replacements are
obviously refurbished and were junk. They couldn’t guarantee that.
They said all of their replacements are refurbished. I asked them to
confirm they would ship it to my house. The CSR that gave back my old
phone wasn’t sure. She said it will either come to the house or the
store, depending on how the order was put in. She said she couldn’t do
anything if the order was already in and didn’t know how it was
entered. (Top notch customer service)

12/30/10 – Fortunately I received an Evo–my 4th Evo in 2 weeks–at my
house. Unfortunately–it has the SAME DEFECT on the LCD–the bright
spot over the letter “b”. I find through Google that this “b-spot”
defect is common.

Do I go to the Sprint service center for a 5th Evo?

Clearly Sprint and HTC have trouble in the quality control department.
Whatever they are doing to test phones for redistribution has nothing
to do with checking the LCD or speaker functionality. Their customer
service attitude via Twitter and email also seems to be seriously
lacking professionalism. If you specifically ask your customer to
email the details of their situation, that request sets the
expectation of a response. Sprint seems to be clueless about this.

How many refurbished, defective Evos must I go through before Sprint
sends me a non-defective unit? Is there a “lemon law” for cell phones?
If they sold me a defective unit to begin with, and replaced it with 3
defective units, doesn’t this constitute a breach of contract? It
seems to me they are unable to supply the product I paid for. Has
anyone had luck arguing the termination of their contract and waiver
of the ETF due to a carrier’s incapability to provide non-defective

Pretty frustrated with Sprint and HTC–will be trying to end my
contract early but don’t have much confidence they’ll allow it without
charging an ETF.

Maybe someone at Sprint’s Consumerist hotline (703-433-4401 866-561-0035) will be able to help.


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  1. sp00nix says:

    I seem to hear a lot of this from sprint customers. its tarnishing the HTC name, which i have had almost a dozen models without issue. I wonder what they are doing over there?

    • tbax929 says:

      I have had this exact phone since it came out and haven’t had a single problem with it. In fact, it’s the best cell phone I’ve ever had.

  2. missdona says:

    Because I have SERO, giving up is not an option. I went through 5 phones before they gave me a different model. It takes tenacity, don’t get me wrong, but it can be done.

    • productfred says:

      You mean EPRP right? As in an Everything Plus ____ plan? That’s what I have. I’m on my 2nd Evo, which has the “bright spots” issue because it’s a launch-day hardware revision. The one I originally had for 5 months grew Wifi and LED problems. So now I get my 3rd Evo on Monday for free, but I’m sure it’ll also have problems.

  3. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

    “The likelihood of defect or malfunction increases exponentially with the complexity of a device.”

    ~ Mr. Fix-It’s Law of ‘S&*t Breaking Down’

    – – – – –

    Though I generally dislike smartphones on principle (A phone should just be a phone, period.) I do love my little Nokia E71. The steel casing is probably what I love most about it; it feels durable, rather than just looks durable.

    Which makes me think if it ever does break down (which it probably will, despite my hopes) I would be more than a little surprised, even still.

    • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

      Yeh that is a great phone. I always try to sell customers on that phone for Straight Talk over their other plastic, cheapy smart phone which costs the same as the E71 (199.00 retail) but looks and feels much flimsier and poorly made. I do like the Tmo e73 a little more due to the slight upgrades though but either are great phones. BTW, have you ever been to the website It’s a bee nicely done and informative site.

      • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

        Bee= really. Etc is up with HTC autocomplete and does anyone know how to shut it off? I can’t remember.

        • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

          Etc= wtf. WTF damnit.

          • SolidSquid says:

            apparently the keyboard is one of the flaws with the E71? :p

            (actually I had the cheaper model of that phone for a while and that was pretty great too)

            • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

              No the fail is me typing on an on screen keyboard and not proofread. I actually have a Droid Incredible. I just sell the e71.

  4. obits3 says:

    My EVO has been fine. I hope that you end up getting a good one. Not that you can do anything now, but how did you try to charge the EVO on the first one? Did you use USB to computer or a wall charger? I know tha tthe USB to computer charges can be quite slow. It is a great phone, so I hope that Sprint treats you right.

  5. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    If the HTCs are defective, why keep it at all? The OP should see if Sprint would allow him to get a different phone.

    • Coelacanth says:

      As far as I’m concerned, there’s hardly any competition in the Sprint smartphone department. A working Evo is the best they have to offer.

  6. KatieNeptune says:

    That sucks. I LOVE my Evo and I imagine I’d be pretty stressed out of I kept getting defects too. I hope Sprint takes care of you!

  7. turkishmonky says:

    I think the issue is mainly with the refurbished replacements – the evos my friends and family have are all fine, but i bet they are compounding the problem with refurbs…

    big spiral of despair.

  8. oldwiz65 says:

    Most likely when they find a defective phone they just pass it to another unsuspecting customer and hope the next customer doesn’t notice it. Lots of luck getting any help from Sprint – they know full well you are tied in on a contract and don’t really care if you are not happy with the phone.

    • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

      Thats a shame because I have the opposite experience with VZW. They know I have 6 devices on contract with at least 20 months left on the longest contract yet they still jump through hoops to make me happy. This is despite the fact that I am on a legacy Alltel plan with pretty sweet perks such as nights and weekend starting at 7pm, 22 circle numbers and the ability to opt out of data on data required non-smartphones and get 20% off my monthly bill through my employer.

  9. YoorCriptonite says:

    I bet anything the first one was fine and it was the chargers problem. My stock HTC wall/usb charger won’t charge my EVO either, they are junk. Not that this is the main point here, just saying.

    • teke367 says:

      I definitely can’t speak for the OP’s phone, but my first EVO had a problem with the charger, it was definitely the phone, and not the charger. This has happened with the EVO, there’s a pretty long thread on it at Android Forums

      My charger port got screwy 31 days after I got the phone, which I got at Radio Shack. They said they’ve seen this and its definitely a manufacturing problem, luckily, I got the replacement early enough that there weren’t refurbs yet, so I got a new one, no problems with that one.

  10. KPS2010 says:

    I have been with Sprint for over 15 yrs. and will continue to stay with them esp with a SERO plan. Yes back then CS sucked but their coverage and service in Chicago is excellent. I don’t know why he brought the phone to the store it’s much better to deal with Sprint over the phone. If he really want to drop sprint it should have contacted CS over the phone and escalated to the retentions dept and tell his story. I always got what I wanted through retentions.

  11. daemonaquila says:

    He has much more patience than I would have under those circumstances. By phone 2 or 3, I’d be demanding a different type of phone. Either this model is a lemon, or Sprint is passing around refurb lemons. If the latter is true, getting HTC involved might be an idea. They don’t need their product to get a bad rep.

  12. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    I’ve told this story before…but now it has a conclusion…the short version:

    3 Years ago my wife get an LG enV. Nice phone, she uses it for months, but then decides to upgrade to the Voyager. Gets a new contract for 2 years. enV goes to a friend, and is still in use today.

    The Voyage works fine for a while, then gets funky. Returned and replaced. Replacement is mildly funky out of the box…doesn’t last long. Return and replace. She goes through 3 or 4 Voyagers in short order. By this time, the enV Touch is out – we manage to convince Verizon to upgrade her to that model.

    The enV Touch works OK for a while, then gets weird. Return and replace. Once again, same thing…3 or 4 Touches later, my wife decides to just live with the fact that, among other things, the memory card slot doesn’t work on her phone and therefore she can’t really use it for music/photos/whatever. The constant cycle of failphones has broken her spirit – she no longer has an expectation of recieving the product/service she has paid for.

    Her contract is up soon. She’s already ordered a new phone from Straight Talk. The plan for which will save enormous amounts of money over what she was paying Verizon every month…and although the phone cost a lot more than the more-heavily subsidized phones from Verizon, with the difference in monthly bills it won’t take long to make that up.

    Verizon will never get her business again. Which they could have prevented if they gave her a *new* phone as a replacement, at least once, instead of an endless parade of “refurbished” phones that were defective from the moment you recieved them.

  13. Murph1908 says:

    I stopped reading after “Sprint”

    Never had worse service than when I had a Sprint phone.

    Remember their commercial, where the guy is standing outside in the rain, trying to get his mad girlfriend to answer his call? Know why he’s standing outside in the rain??

    Because his Sprint phone doesn’t work inside his apartment.

    • KPS2010 says:

      Um I think he’s at her place to try and talk to her but since he’s in the dog house she won’t let him in or PU her phone.

    • tbax929 says:

      There’s nothing wrong with Sprint. This post, like every other post lately, is littered with posts from people with their usual “such and such a company” sucks.

      • Murph1908 says:

        There’s nothing wrong with Sprint?

        I live within spitting distance of a major city. When I had Sprint, there were at least a dozen dead spots that I knew about and could predict my call being dropped, all on or near major roads, and not caused by mountains or other terrain.

        And those were the ones I could predict. I had so many dropped calls on Sprint that I knew the customer service number, and the string of options to request a credit for a dropped call, by heart. I had to call it at least twice a week. It got to be a matter of principle to request credit for every drop.

        And though I lived in an apartment at the intersection of an interstate and a major highway, I couldn’t get service inside my apartment. I tried to cut the cord and go wireless only. But to talk to my then girlfriend (now wife) I had to go out on my balcony in a sleeping bag, hat, and gloves and sit out in the cold in order to get a signal. It was so bad, I ended up signing up for residential phone service again, because it was cheaper than the Sprint ETF.

        As soon as my contract was up, I dropped Sprint like a bad penny. Since switching, I have had as many dropped calls in 5 years as I had in a week.

  14. backwerds says:

    Wow, out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you just call Sprint? In-store customer service is convenient; but most of those employees are njot really empowered to make those kind of decisions. I have had my Evo for about 5 months and I absolutely love the phone; have had 0 issues. Call and see what they can do; and if they can’t go to retentions and have them sweet talk you back.

    I mean your two methods of communication were with twitter (why you would consider this a real method is beyond me, its the “mass text” method of inviting someone to a party) and email. Customer service is a difficult issue but your best approach is to look at is as a partnership instead of a customer – retailer relationship. If you want them to fix your device, you actually have to provide a decent attempt to remedy the situation; don’t half-ass it and then expect a brand new shiny phone.

    And with a bright-spot on the phone, wouldn’t that be something you have to let itself work out, maybe waiting a week or two to see if it just works itself in. I know they say that a lot of TV’s have to mature x amount of hours before the screens are going to be at their prime, I just assume that phones would have a similar kind of process.

    • productfred says:

      I’ve tried this. Have the same issues with the phone. They will tell you that unless you have TEP (Total Equipment Protection aka Insurance for $7 a month), they can’t do anything and that it’s all handled by the store.

    • Invader Zim says:

      He wanted the replacement right away so he wouldnt be without a phone.

  15. theblackdog says:

    I agree with other commenters about involving HTC because they normally make great phones and they wouldn’t want to get a bad reputation. Admittedly I am a bit biased because I own the HTC Incredible, and have not had a problem with it since day 1, so I’m likely to consider another one when it’s time to upgrade.

    • MrEvil says:

      I agree, might be worth pinging HTC over this. My EVO is my second HTC phone (after being a die-hard Moto fanboi) and while at first I was ready to throw it back in Best Buy’s face (because giving a company a $100 interest free loan for 2+ months is for SUCKERS) over the rubbish battery life. However, battery life seems to have improved with system updates and now that the battery has had some more charge-discharge cycles in it.

  16. webweazel says:

    I’ve never had to deal with this, and this might not be a solution, but what about taking your charged battery out of your current phone and sticking it into the replacement phone right there in the store and running it through it’s functions and doing multiple restarts over about 15 minutes before accepting? I know some of this shows up a day or two later, but at least the most obvious crap can be seen and rejected right then and there.

    To me, “refurbished” does not mean taking a customer’s defective phone, sticking it in a box, adding a “refurbished” sticker onto it, and passing it along to the next sucker. It seems like exactly what they are doing.

  17. Skully says:

    I’ve had my EVO since day one. No issues. Guy has bad luck

  18. Tim in Wyoming says:

    Simple solution.. Request a different model phone. After three replacements Sprint allows for a replacement of a like model phone. If you paid $200 for the phone, you will be given a list of $200 phones to choose from.

  19. danic512 says:

    I’m really confused here. Isn’t the possession of a working phone part of the contract? Why would an ETF have to be paid if the phone continues not to work after the Nth phone?

    OP, regardless of what you do, report this sort of thing to your State Atty General. If they are anything like the office in Washington State, they love to take on consumer issues like this. They get their picture in the paper, and you get what you actually deserve.

    • GearheadGeek says:

      The issue is that the phone WORKS, it just has a bright area in part of the display. I don’t have that problem with my Evo, but I can see how it might be annoying. If everything else worked properly, I’m not sure if I’d try to swap my phone out though… especially given the refurb-handset issues this poster and others report.

  20. The hand that feeds, now with more bacon says:

    Go to the Consumerist article with all of Sprint’s numbers ( and call the Account Services number (888-273-9460) from *inside a Sprint store*.

    Explain the issue and tell them you want a new phone as a replacement instead of a refurb. They will probably refuse but make sure they document the issue completely in your account notes. After they get off the phone, verify with the in-store representative that the account notes reflect the conversation you just had (many times the representatives put an abridged account of your issue in the notes that doesn’t capture the true nature of the situation). If you aren’t satisfied with the account notes, *have the in-store employee update the account notes.*

    If you were given another refurb and it has problems, do the same thing. Request a new phone as a replacement. Account Services is the only group that has the power to give you a *new* phone (besides the regulatory compliance office that responds to FCC complaints). They won’t normally give you a new phone unless you’ve contacted them repeatedly about an ongoing issue.

    I used to have a Samsung Instinct (the original model). It was prone to all kinds of problems. I went through 3 Instincts, then account services gave me a refurb of a different model that was also defective. Finally account services relented and gave me a *new HTC EVO* (they actually gave me an early upgrade, charged me for the phone, then credited the account the cost of the phone plus shipping).

    *The most important thing here is to make sure that your account notes reflect your issue accurately. While the store employees can’t give you credits more than a few dollars or authorize anything other than a same-model refurb as a replacement, they can and will update your account notes and let you read them.*

  21. Beeker26 says:

    The problem here is really the refurbished phones. I’m guessing that LCD issues that don’t interfere with the phone’s functionality aren’t considered defects, so these phones are passed along thru the supply chain.

    Yeah it sucks, but if the phone otherwise works and the only issue is small bright spot on the screen maybe the OP should just deal with it unless he wants to keep going round after round with Sprint.

    I really hate the practice of replacing a defective new product with a refurbished model, but it seems to be the status quo these days.

  22. We Have a Piper Down says:

    Sprint doesn’t like to advertise this, but after 5 replacements, they have to offer you a comparable model at no charge to you or your upgrade. They try to charge you for it until you call them out on it.
    I went through 5 Moments (3 in one week) and after the last one broke not one month into it, I demanded they put me in a different model. Unfortunately, the “comparable” models were also crap (the HTC Hero and the Samsung Intercept–both are downgrades) and they offered me the Samsung Transform after steadfastly refusing to go into a downgrade, but it has its own problems, so after going back and forth for two hours, I walked away with an LG Optimus with Android 2.2 (soon to be 2.3) for free.

    And Sprint phones carry a 1 year warranty. Please don’t let them fool you.

  23. IraAntelope says:

    maybe they need to rename the “smart phone”? or maybe it is smarter than the customers who buy it?

  24. teke367 says:

    The charger port is a real issue, at least with the earlier hardware versions, something about the soldering not being very good, I think HTC not too long ago accepted it as a manuacturing defect (so I don’t think the OP should have been charged for a repair, I wasn’t for mine, which was just over 1 month after getting it. Actually, Radio Shack just gave me a new one).

    Otherwise, the rest seems like bad luck. If the first EVO was an original build, that might explain the screen difference (not the spots, just the brightness). HTC switched to LCD screens (from AMOLED I believe) because of availability. I didn’t notice much of a difference when I got my second EVO, but I’m not the type to notice such things.

    Not sure about the bright spot over the “B” on the keyboard, but it may not be that odd that its brighter over the Home button. The lights behind the capacitive buttons sometimes show in the screen. Its hard to tell without photos, but sometimes this is more noticeable than others. If that’s what it is, that’s not a defect, its just how the phone is.

  25. neilb says:

    I love Sprint service and our 3 Evos (only one of which needed to be replaced, due to the camera flaking out and losing one color on its sensor–replaced new within 30 days and fine). I also like Sprint’s pricing.

    I absolutely HATE Sprint’s service when it has come to getting a phone in the hands of their customers. They have screwed up in every possible way with our 5 activations/4 exchanges. They are the worst possible company when it comes to making things right for the customer. I could go on about why I have been on the phone with their customer service for over 30 hours to get the phones and service that they advertise, but you would have trouble believing it. Every darn possibility that could be messed up was messed up.

    Sprint employees make excuses and not solutions. “Their system” stops them from providing acceptable customer service. I wish I could go back to Tmobile, but they don’t have tower service at our house. Heck, even AT&T’s customer service was a little better than Sprint’s (but their radio service and pricing was awful).

  26. KarbonKopy says:

    My EVO has been perfect since day 1 other than a bit of a battery life problem, but the phone works like a dream.

  27. Blooberriz says:

    I work for Sprint.

    I have seen BRAND NEW HTC evos come out of the box with that LCD problem. (defect?)

    Its pretty common & to be honest, its a petty problem to even be concerned with. The only time you will ever really notice it is when the screen is completely WHITE- like the first 5 seconds after you turn it on.. Any other time, its hardly noticeable…

    Also, After October 23rd, 2010- Sprint is no longer performing warrenty work for free. If you do not have the Service plan, you will be charged $35 for any exchange or repair after the first 30 days… You are correct, whereas every phone has a 1 yr warrenty. Unfortunately, this is a manufacturers warrenty. They will gladly fix your phone for free, however, you will need to mail them your phone first & wait several weeks for a resolution. Also- be aware that the manuf. is usually very strict about phone repairs. Any signs of physical damage or abuse & the claim will be denied.

    With the change to the warrenty policy, Sprint is also covering physical damage now w/ the service plan. This means, even if your phone is physically damaged- broken screen, housing etc- it will be covered. Instead of referring the customer to file an insurance claim & paying a deductible. As long as the phone is not totally destroyed or dripping wet, it can be repaired or replaced in the store for free w/ a service plan or for $35 without..

    Theres not much you can do for broken charger ports, its almost always going to be an exchange, However- blown or bad sounding speakers on an EVO can be fixed in 10 minutes at a service center.

    The Sprint store generally does not have the authority to give you a BRAND NEW phone. Its not impossible, but it would need to be escalated thru the ranks, and its definately not something thats going to happen everyday. I might go thru with this maybe once every 2-3 months. I generally service about 250-300 customers a month, so you can see its not very common at all. I do take care of my customers & try my hardest to satisfy everyone, but alot of times our hands are just tied by policies & money.

    If every customer who demanded a brand new phone actually got one, the store would be out of business..

    • teke367 says:

      Just wondering, if the OP is somebody that would get a brand new phone if it were somebody you dealt with? (assuming the display problems are legit, I agree, without photos its hard to tell if its truely a broken display, or just something the OP doesn’t care for aesthetically).

      • Blooberriz says:

        I operate a full service center, so I would have repaired the phone. I would not hand out a brand new evo for bad displays and blown speakers.. Both of those issues are easily fixed…

        Believe it or not, Sprint is one of the best carriers overall. I have no company pride- so I dont want to anyone to think Im tooting my own horn. In a recent Consumer Reports survey, sprint was virtually tied with Verizon for customer satisfaction..

        Sprint offers Authorized Service Centers.. We have many metrics to follow.. One of those metrics being repair rate/exchange rate. We are supposed to fix as much as we can w/ exchanging the phone being a last resort. I try to avoid exchanging phones as much as I can because its usually a hassle.. Not to mention the bad phones that are shipped out. They are called bounces, failures within 30 days.. I generally get a few a month..

        Sometimes, its something blatantly obvious w/ the phone that I am ashamed that Sprint would even send to me. Other times, its a little nuisance thats buried so deep in the phone that the end user probably wouldnt even notice.

        I can also tell you that alot of people are just extremely too critical with thier phones. I see the same customers all the time. Every little bitty problem with the phone, no matter how minute, they run to the store for assistance….

    • jimmyhl says:

      If the OP’s account is true, Sprint should be out of business.

    • Kate says:

      The problem is that refurbished phones are not good working replacements. If Sprint can’t stay in business without ripping of their customers and using broken phones for replacements, then it’s not doing business right. The point is, Sprint and every other business that uses refurbished items to replace bad equipment needs to do their job and actually test out the refurbished items before it inflicts them on paying customers.

  28. ogremustcrush says:

    My first EVO was fine for a while, but it eventually started to overheat at very low temperatures. I got a replacement(which was a refurb of course…) and it’s been super solid. If anything the screen looks better than my first EVO.

  29. hawkeye says:

    I too have gone through multiple Palm Pre replacements with Sprint (4). They claim that since the phone is only under warranty for one year, I can continue to receive as many Palm replacements as I choose but I can not receive a different model (even an old model of another phone) unless I renew my contract. I do not understand how this is a good business policy for Sprint or what the purpose of the policy is. My last conversation with customer service included them scolding me for attempting to snag a new and shiny phone and insisted that the glitches in my phone are due to user error. What’s the deal Sprint?

    • ogremustcrush says:

      The Pre is such crappy hardware. I went through 5 of them before I got my EVO. The last one was a real pain because at the time there were no repair centers nearby and they had just stopped doing the replacement by mail thing. Sprint ended up replacing it by doing an insurance claim then crediting me the $100 such a claim cost.

  30. myktag says:

    Currently on my 6th Blackberry Tour…
    1 keyboard stopped responding to input… made it about 9months
    2 couldn’t hear anything… a week
    3 headphone jack didn’t do jack…1 day
    4 error that kept me from doing anything… 1 day
    5 Software issues… 1 day
    6 current phone

    I might be on my 7th, I just can’t seem to remember what happened. I place more blame on VZW for sending me “refurbished” equipment. My previous LG, was almost 4yrs old when I decided to replace it with a Blackberry. It literally started to fall apart. I had expected to get the same results with this phone, as the people at VZW advised it to be “reliable” phone. I’m seriously considering a switch to another provider when this phone dies.

  31. drmk says:

    The Froyo update that just pushed out to Intercepts fried my husband’s GPS. We took it to be replaced, and they tried to charge us $35 to even look at it. We refused to pay it, because it was the update that broke it, not us. We had to fight with them about that one for about a half an hour, with them telling us that we should have had insurance on the phone because that would cover any problems. That conversation went like this: “So, you’re telling us that we should have had insurance on the phone to protect it from Sprint breaking the phone on us?” “Yes, sir.”

    We then proceeded to spend two hours in the Sprint store while they tried to tell us that the flashing GPS icon in the status bar meant that it was had locked onto a satellite (which it doesn’t, as evidenced by my exact same phone which WAS finding a signal and was not flashing). Then again, they were also trying to test the GPS indoors at first, and we had to remind them that they needed to go outside to test it.

    They also tried to tell us that it was finding a signal when it picked up on cell towers or wifi networks and pinpointed our location within 500 feet. Um, no.

    The best was when they tried to tell us that the GPS had been broken by a program we’d downloaded (after his GPS had gone wonky) to test the GPS (called GPS Status), and that they couldn’t support third party programs. (This was because we demonstrated to them that his GPS wasn’t working by bringing up the program on his phone and on my [working] phone, and showing them what it looked like when the phone had a GPS lock and what it looked like when it didn’t.) So because it was a software issue, they claimed, they couldn’t support it. It took quite a while to get them to understand that the GPS didn’t work in ANY program, including the proprietary Sprint bloatware that comes preinstalled.

    More than two hours later, they FINALLY gave him a new phone. This was actually his third version of the same phone; we had to take the first one back within the warranty period because Bluetooth didn’t work. (On the second one, Bluetooth worked for one day and then stopped working. We haven’t tested Bluetooth on the third one yet — I don’t think we want to know.)

  32. BlazerUnit says:

    Dude…you are not a fault, for sure. But after the third HTC Evo came with a defect, you’ve got to give up on that device. Opting for 4th and 5th tries of this is just extending your dissatisfaction by your own hand.

    Give up on the HTC Evo…perhaps that’s a relationship that’s just not meant to work out for you!

  33. karlmarx says:

    I dont know if you have used a magnetic case for this phone but they are not good for any of the phones. I strongly urge you to go to a different Sprint Store or ask to speak directly to the Store Manager about getting another EVO or the Samsung Epic or EVO Shift.

  34. productfred says:

    To the OP, I literally just got Sprint to send me a brand new one by explaining my situation (which is just like yours, but to a lesser extent) on their online Chat. Jenny, the rep, said that I should have been given a new one from the beginning for paying the $35 repair/replacement fee. She even put a note on my account so that Order Support sees that I should get a new one. Overall, I’ve had more luck going through Chat than over the phone. Try it!

  35. jt2501 says:

    I’m going on my fourth evo. I was told by an employee at the store I bought first phone I should just come back and add a second line and buy another phone! That employee shouldn’t be allowed to talk to customers. So I called sprint and spent more than three hours on the phone, and was transfered to 8 different people. I was told as of a month ago they can no longer send replacement devices in the mail, I need to take it to a corporate repair shop. (i was just mailed my third replacement evo in the mail this past friday) so I called the store I bought the evo at, and they say they are just a third party repair, and they would never give me a replacement, only repair the device I have. Suggested call the corporate repair in albany ny. There I’m told they took repair out of the store last september to make things easier. And to be clear a corporate repair shop will only issue me a “new evo” instead of a refurbished model. So where is a corporate repair shop? Boston. BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS! Im told I need to drive four hours one way, out of state to get my next lemon.