Thousands Of Fake Shake Weights Seized

On Monday, U.S. Customs in Savannah, Georgia intercepted a shipment of 1,783 pieces of counterfeit exercise gear imported from China. The 764 cartons included Shake Weights, Body by Jake, and Total Core. The gear sported counterfeit logos. So not only would you get the normal benefits of a fake exercise product, the fake exercise products themselves were also fake.

In case you don’t know what a shake weight is, it’s a dumbbell with plates inside that you shake back and forth, supposedly toning your arms more easily than if you were lifting weights. Here’s a video clip:

Fake Shake Weights, Other Counterfeit Workout Equipment Seized [cbsatlanta] (Thanks to foofish!)


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  1. stock2mal says:

    Damn, out of Kleenex.

  2. SerenityDan says:

    You do know that the shake wake does not vibrate right? It’s not battery operated.YOU have to make it shake, so you ARE moving your arms.

    • SerenityDan says:

      grrr, I meant shake WEIGHT obviously

    • dolemite says:

      Yeah, but due to the teeny tiny range of motion you aren’t burning many calories nor building muscle…the bigger your range of motion and heavier the weight, the more muscle fibers you recruit to complete the action. It’s the same reason the “electrodes” on the abs doesn’t equal washboard abs. Sure, the muscles are contracting, but only very slightly, and the amount of calories burned is also negligible.

      • c!tizen says:

        I can’t recall where, but I read somewhere that doing more reps with less weight actually builds muscle faster than less reps with more weight. It might have been it burns more calories… I don’t know and I’m too lazy to Google right now.

        • dolemite says:

          I think it was actually on here, and I think the study showed working at higher reps with 60% of max weight resulted in building more muscle than doing heavier weight for lower reps…although that’s pretty much common knowledge. That’s why powerlifters are usually stronger than bodybuilders, despite the fact they may not look as muscular.

          • mindaika says:

            It was a study done recently, although I’m not sure it’s common knowledge, since a lot of places it was reported had tons of people chiming in with the “science is wrong, Bob at the gym who is a bodybuilder knows more.”

        • bsh0544 says:

          In my experience you can find a study to support just about any claim you’d care to make. This is especially true in fitness.

        • Blueskylaw says:

          More reps with less weight gives you more definition than bulk.

      • SerenityDan says:

        true, but Ben and a lot of people (myself included before I saw one in person) think they are vibrating for you. So sure it’s a crappy work out but it’s more of one then holding something moving itself would be.

  3. Supes says:

    Your work out is finished. Here is some cab fare. Now going to sleep mode.

  4. obits3 says:

    Shake Weight…because when I am at the gym the safest way I know to work out is to grab a weight and shake it back and forth. What could possibly go wrong…

  5. dolemite says:

    Shake weight commercials make me grin every single time.

  6. tater says:

    Jerked off the shelves?

  7. Mike says:

    I stayed up late watching TV the other night and it was full of infomercials. In my tired stupor I ended up buying a bunch of crap, like the shake weight. So I am now typing this comment wearing my new snuggie and with a shake weight in one hand. It’s cool though, I stopped having a boring life because I used my slap chop to make breakfast. And some dude driving a car a talking into a camera showed me how I can make millions in real estate, so I am set.

  8. Tim says:

    I have a fake Shake Weight in my pants.

    Just had to.

    • dolemite says:

      My wife told me they have “Shake Weight for Men”. I said “I’ve already got one, and it’s free.”

  9. PanCake BuTT says:

    Dynamic inertia @ 240 muscle contractions per minute, INDEED!!!

  10. anime_runs_my_life says:

    One of the ladies in the office got one for Christmas and made a big deal on her FB page about it. She didn’t understand the South Park references and thought we were “being mean” to her. Until she came in and we showed her the clip.

    Last I heard she was trying to return it.

  11. Murph1908 says:

    Forgive me for this…but…

    I guess people were making their own shake weights at home?

  12. framitz says:

    The fakes can’t be much worse than the real deal.
    My wife actually asked for one for Xmas. I gave her one.
    I expected the spring to create a type of resistive resonance, but the bellows on the ends compress and pass air in and out which dampens the spring action rendering it worthless.
    She’s using it a a 2.5 pound free weight.

  13. stevied says:

    fake exercise products themselves were also fake.

    Now that is a classic line.

  14. u1itn0w2day says:

    Is this what they call weight loss.

    Oh, I’m sorry; lost revenue.

  15. The311Kid says:

    Poor Tiffany Cooper from San Diego, CA….. How’d you like to be the thumbnail for this product?

  16. LanMan04 says:

    Almost there, home stretch.

    Now dispensing cab fare.

  17. SonarTech52 says:

    Thousands Of Fake Shake Weights Seized.

    Thousands of guys preparing for their annual jack-a-thon are going to be very upset…

  18. Foot_Note says:

    the male ad for this is ewwie.. hint: dont have the guy groan as he finishes

  19. TVGenius says:

    Would have been much better to embed the SNL DVD spot in the still image…

  20. tomhirt says:

    Regardless if you approve of the workout products, this is not the first or last time we will hear the huge shipments have been seized. Think if those that do get sold and now the legit company has to spend hours telling angry customers they can not refund their fake product.

  21. PortlandBeavers says:

    Were they the regular size or the larger “Big Jim” model?

  22. Levk says:

    ok yea.. this is a bad bad idea to begin with those shake weights look like they meant for porn stars then normal people

  23. Michael Bauser says:

    I’d be OK with a counterfeit Shake Weight. I was planning to lie about how much weight I lost, anyway.

  24. DeathByCuriosity says:

    My father-in-law got one of these for Christmas. Yes, people made jokes about it. I just silently mused that someone wasted their money.