Reader Thinks He's Discovered Why Kindle Covers Screw Up Devices

David says he’s figured out the reason Amazon’s Kindle covers may be making devices lock up. He says metal parts are connecting ports on the device and causing the problems, and that he was able to get Amazon credit for his cover after he escalated his complaint.

He writes:

After dealing with Amazon on this, I found out that there are two places where the Amazon Kindle Leather Cover connects to the Kindle, on the left side. If you look in the Upper one, you can see metal parts (brass colored/copper colored). This upper hole is supposedly meant to be a serial port of some kind. The covers hooks are shorting out the Kindle 3 somehow, causing the rebooting and the loss of place in most books. I had to call Amazon to get a credit. They denied me. I sent an email to (Upper level Customer Support) and got a credit issued for the cover, and the difference to buy a new cover. I have had no issues since I removed the cover.

If your Kindle cover has given you fits and you’ve had trouble returning the offending product, forward your customer service rep a link to this story, as well as the previous post, and let us know how you fare.

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