Judge: Walmart Not To Blame For Man Crashing Into Parking Lot Pole

Some of you may remember the story of the man who sued Walmart after he crashed his truck into a pole in one of the retail chain’s parking lots. Many readers were dismissive of the man’s claim that the store was at fault, and it looks like the judge in the case agreed.

The plaintiff in the case had stated that, after dropping someone off at the front entrance to the Walmart, he crashed his 1997 Chevy S10 truck into a “free-standing pole,” causing over $2,900 in damages.

The man claimed that a Walmart employee had told him that the pole had been the cause of six accidents and that its placement in the parking lot made it conducive to being crashed into.

However, the judge wrote in his decision, “The pole is painted bright yellow and is topped by a stop sign and marks the edge of a pedestrian crossing area.”

Maybe the sign jumped in front of his truck to try to score insurance money?

Walmart doesn’t have to pay driver who hit parking lot pole [Seacoastonline.com]

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