Get Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper App For Only $4.99 Through Dec 31

(iOS4 only) For a limited time, you can get a one-year subscription to the Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper App for only $4.99, now through December 31. It’s a sweet way to get Consumer Reports ratings and reviews on-the-go—perfect for when you’re trying to figure out what to exchange gifts for when you’re in the store. The price will bump up to $14.99 after Jan 1, so now’s a great time to give it a shot if you’ve been holding out.

The app, put out by our publishers Consumers Union, contains info on more than 3,000 Consumer Reports tested products, and over 17,000 non-tested products.

Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper
(iTunes link) also enables you compare similar products, compare prices at local retailers, and shop online. Post stuff you’re interested in on Facebook or save them for later on your wishlist.

canonspec.jpgI totally used the CR Mobile Shopper App this holiday. I wasn’t near a computer and my wife was texting me from inside a store about what picture frame to get. She was about to get one that she thought had wifi but actually you had to sign up with at&t and pay for pictures. After quickly looking up the specs in the app, I was able to warn her away.

slr.jpgThe app is for iPhone only right now, but an Android version is in development.

rates.jpgConsumer Reports Mobile Shopper [iTunes]


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