Get Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper App For Only $4.99 Through Dec 31

(iOS4 only) For a limited time, you can get a one-year subscription to the Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper App for only $4.99, now through December 31. It’s a sweet way to get Consumer Reports ratings and reviews on-the-go—perfect for when you’re trying to figure out what to exchange gifts for when you’re in the store. The price will bump up to $14.99 after Jan 1, so now’s a great time to give it a shot if you’ve been holding out.

The app, put out by our publishers Consumers Union, contains info on more than 3,000 Consumer Reports tested products, and over 17,000 non-tested products.

Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper
(iTunes link) also enables you compare similar products, compare prices at local retailers, and shop online. Post stuff you’re interested in on Facebook or save them for later on your wishlist.

canonspec.jpgI totally used the CR Mobile Shopper App this holiday. I wasn’t near a computer and my wife was texting me from inside a store about what picture frame to get. She was about to get one that she thought had wifi but actually you had to sign up with at&t and pay for pictures. After quickly looking up the specs in the app, I was able to warn her away.

slr.jpgThe app is for iPhone only right now, but an Android version is in development.

rates.jpgConsumer Reports Mobile Shopper [iTunes]



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  1. Chris J. Stone says:

    I see it’s currently only for iOS, but will there eventually be one for Android?

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:


      • pz says:

        Yeah, from personal experience, “in development” can mean anything from “out next week” to “never gonna happen.” I’m sure Chris was hoping someone with a little bit more knowledge about how the dev is coming along could answer.

        • Chris J. Stone says:

          Thanks for sticking up for me, but I must say that I did not see that sentence when I read the article originally. Whether it was tacked on post-posting, or if I just scanned over it and completely somehow missed that section, I’m not sure, but I was simply asking if it were in development, which signs do point to yes.

    • 339point4 says:

      I am assuming the Android version won’t be out of development until the price hikes back up to $14.99.

  2. Portlandia says:

    Meh, I’ll keep using Red Laser (free) and the Amazon app (also free). Amazon’s reviews are usually pretty accurate (if you weed out the 1 Star – “My Package arrived Late” ratings) and if I need to do that much research I should have done it before I go to the store.

  3. jlhoover says:

    Reviews are pretty bad on iTunes. Anybody tried it out ?

  4. obits3 says:

    No Android yet? I guess only AT&T users care about quality products… /sarc

  5. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    Today’s random thought:

    I think Consumer Reports should sue “Best Buy” (the store) for copyright infringement on “Best Buy”, (the purchase recommendation) from CR.

  6. Supes says:

    So when an Android version comes out, we’ll all be stuck paying $14.99 no matter how willing we were to buy it now?

    Oh, and $14.99 is a REALLY high price for any mobile app, especially when so many free and dirt-cheap shopping related apps are out there.

  7. QuestionEverything says:

    So what?!

    I already subscribe to the magazine and the online version.

    Why should I have to pay $14.99/yr (after sale ends) to get what I already pay for?

    When it’s free to subscribers…I’ll get it.

    What’s that?…It’ll never happen?…Then I’ll never have it.

    Shameless plug for a crappy app according to reviews.

  8. Markitect says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that Consumer Reports would have such a poorly rated app? From the iTunes reviews, this app is not ready for prime time.

  9. Red_Eye says:

    So android users will be able to pay full price! I feel so loved!

  10. tcaptain says:

    meh 4.99 a year?

    No thanks.

    Maybe, MAYBE as a one time app purchase (and even then 4.99 is pretty steep for an iPhone app), but subscription? No way.

    I’ll stick to firing up Opera if I REALLY need that much info. Red Laser and Amazon does the rest for free.

  11. Tallanvor says:

    iOS? Not a chance.

  12. sixidahos says:

    Waste of money, it crashes for most buyers. The reviews are horrible. I’m disappointed that an independent consumer guide has no clue that baby boomers need the ability to increase font sizes. Wish Apple would make developers list if fonts can be enlarged before boomers waste money on apps that can’t be used by anyone who needs a font size larger than a 6.

  13. cayton says:

    Or you could use the amazon app, which is free and does not suck.

  14. CartmanPat says:

    Can you pass whatever it was you were smoking when you thought $14.99 was a good price for an iOS app? Even $4.99 is pushing it.

  15. Red Cat Linux says:

    Really. Kinda… shocking.

    Aside from the fact that I have a Droid and would get the even wedgier price because I’m not of the cult of Apple, at $4.99, it’s still a wedgie.

    I’m shocked that existing members wouldn’t get the app free. This aside from the fact that I canceled my membership after the two Consumer Reports “Best Buy” products I bought both went toes up in 9 months and 13 months after purchase.

    Both items required repeated visits from repair staff, the one only fixed after two months of nonsense, and the other was replaced outright by Best Buy (the store, not the description) after four trips to repair it were futile.

    I figure for the grand price of Free, I can’t do any worse with my picks from Amazon. :/

    Sorry Consumer Reports. You are not a ‘Best Buy’.

  16. davidsco says:

    or, throw $5 in the street. Same value! CR has become the BBB of Consumer Testing. My subscription ended, and they have now been hounding me for MONTHS to renew. When I had a subscription, I found the magazine VOID of any useful info, yet they kept pestering me to subscribe to their Web services. Another profit making “non-profit” Wanna take a guess at what the boardmembers earn?

  17. bizsar says:

    I would pay a one-time fee for the software only if it came out for Windows Mobile 6.x.x. Like that’s gonna happen, lol!

    These guys ARE non-profit and deserve our money, but the app simply won’t work on my phone, sorry.

  18. Peacock (Now In Extra Crispy) says:

    OK, yeah, this is a nice app. But I already pay a tidy sum of money for the print product. Is Consumer Reports suggesting that I should give up my print subscription to buy the app for a one-time charge of $4.99? Actually, that looks like a rather good deal, on second thought. Maybe that’s just what I’ll do.

    Yet another nail in the coffin of dead tree media.

  19. DanGarion says:

    Honestly this seems like a ripoff. I already subscribe to Consumer Reports, I ALSO have to subscribe to the online CR if I want access to reviews online. And now I’m going to have to subscribe to this if I want it on my phone? Nickel and dime much?

    Come on CR, this is asinine.