7-Eleven Clerk Saves Customer's Life With CPR

Correct change for a Slurpee is all you’d expect from a 7-Eleven clerk, so you could say a Pittsburgh employee of the convenience store went beyond the call of duty when he administered CPR when a customer fell into cardiac arrest.

The scene went down Dec. 19 at a Pittsburgh location, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The customer was in town for a football game and hit the 7-Eleven looking for something to alleviate what he thought was heartburn. He collapsed in the aisle and the clerk raced over to keep him alive while an elderly couple called an ambulance.

“Those people actually probably saved his life,” the cardiac arrest victim’s brother told the newspaper.

“They saved a family,” added his wife.

Steelers fan, family well cared for after game day collapse [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]