Tips To Win The Holiday Party Game

Holiday office parties provide spectacular opportunities for either ruining your dwindling career prospects by making an ass of yourself, or advancing your standing by playing things just right.

Personal finance blogger FruGal has some tips on how to do the latter, or at least avoid hurling yourself into the former.

Among her hints:

Easy on the booze. — The great thing about inhibitions is that they keep you from acting out urges to do or say inappropriate things. Office cronies aren’t quite as forgiving as your group of pals, so you’ll want to keep your judgment ability high by getting trashed with free alcohol.

Smile a bunch. — Stay pleasant and approachable and you can rack up more networking notches than you would if you’re dour and skittish. When in doubt, just swallow your insecurities and force yourself into a fake politician grin.

Take notes. — If you’re somewhat new to the company, you’ll be meeting a lot of people, and most of them – even if they forget who you are – will appreciate it if you remember them. It can’t hurt to sneak off every few minutes and jot down some notes that will help you memorize which names belong with which mugs.

All this advice is no doubt the product of hindsight.

How do you win at office parties? And what’s your most embarrassing workplace shindig recollection?

How to use the party season to help your career [FruGal]