Target Cashier Didn't Charge Me For DVD. Should I Tell Them?

Reader Steve had every intention of paying for the two DVDs he purchased at Target the other day. Problem is, the cashier only rang up one of them and now he doesn’t know what to do.

Writes Mr. Steve:

When I got home, I noticed that the receipt showed that the cashier had only charged me for one of the sets. I did not notice if she put both under the scanner so I don’t know if it is a misread or an error on the part of the cashier.

There was a woman in front of me who caused her nearly a half hour of grief over coupons and sale prices, so she was a little distracted when she got to me. I don’t want her to lose her job, but I feel the need to call and tell them that I was not charged for all my items.

It is only a $20 DVD but I feel a twinge on honesty. I would love to have the opinion of your readers.

So, beloved hive mind, we ask: Should he let the store know about the mistake? And what’s the best way for him to pay for the DVD without doing anything that might get the beleaguered cashier in trouble?

We’d definitely love to hear from current or former Target employees on this.

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