Pick The Right HDMI Cables Without Getting Ripped Off

Savvy Consumerist reader know that you don’t need to shell out big bucks for the monstrously expensive HDMI cables some blue-shirted guy is pushing on you in order to get a good hi-def video signal. In fact, as long as you need less than 50 ft, cheap cables you can get at places like Monoprice, Newegg, PCH Cables, or Blue Jeans Cable will do the job just great. But for those friends and loved ones who don’t quite get it, you might want to show this them clip done in cheezy instructional video style to help drive the message home.

(In fact, you don’t even need fancy cables for 3D TV, says Consumer Reports.)

How to Skip the Fancy Cables and Save [gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes] (Thanks to Michael!)

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