Caesarian Births More Popular Than Ever

Caesarian section births are becoming more and more of the thing to do in United States, with a larger contingency of pregnant mothers opting for the procedure over vaginal births every year.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports recently released figures for 2008 say 32.3 percent of births that year were C-sections, marking the 12th consecutive year of the figure has increased.

As a father who has endured two traditional births, I’m envious of husbands whose wives have gone the C-section route. I imagine it’s much, much easier on us, freeing us up to read books or play DS games while the surgeons do their thing. It’s really all about us, so women should be more considerate when selecting their birth plans.

If you’ve had a child, which way did you go and why?

C-sections hit record high [Chicago Sun-Times via Fark]

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