Best Buy Charges $7 More In Store Than Online For Blu-ray (Updated)

UPDATE: Reader Brian points out Best Buy’s online price was cheaper than the advertised in-store deal, and Matthew must have mixed the two up. The original post follows.

Matthew entered a world in which everything is not as it seems. A world in which perception alters reality. A world in which the powers that be can use mind games to design confounding labyrinths that participants must solve in order to reach the truth.

It sounds as though Matthew is living inside the movie Inception, but actually he just wanted to buy the Blu-ray for the advertised price. But when he entered Best Buy, he found this impossible due to a possible pricing gaffe.

Here’s his story about how he overcame Best Buy’s attempt at “inceptioning” the idea into his brain that the price should be $7 higher than advertised:

While I know this isn’t front page stuff, I had an encounter with Best Buy last night which once again cemented I will never shop there again.

I went to pick up the Blue Ray Version of Inception last night at the local Baldwin , NY Best Buy after work. I had recalled seeing the past Sunday’s advertisement stating the Blue-Ray/DVD/Digital 3 Disc Combo pack was 17.99 this week.

When I went into the store, I saw the price of this edition was 24.99, and the single disc Blue-Ray version was 18.99. I figured this was wrong but was in a rush, so I purchased the single disc and it came out to 20.63.

When I got back to my car, I thought it over, and visited the BB website through my phone. Of course, there it was the 3 disc combo for 17.99. I ended up placing an order online, with in store pick up through my phone. 20 minutes later I go into BB, pick it up, for 17.99, and return the previous single disc copy I bought 30 minutes earlier. So I saved one dollar, and got 3 discs instead of the single Blu-Ray version. Makes no sense

Seems very shady that they would not honor prices advertised in the flier. Pretty much anyone unaware of this issue would be out a few extra dollars. Why would I be able to order the same item online for 7 dollars cheaper? See ya Best Buy.

Matthew had to jump through hoops, but he played this exactly right. What’s the hardest you’ve had to work to secure an advertised but non-existent price?

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