Best Buy Charges $7 More In Store Than Online For Blu-ray (Updated)

UPDATE: Reader Brian points out Best Buy’s online price was cheaper than the advertised in-store deal, and Matthew must have mixed the two up. The original post follows.

Matthew entered a world in which everything is not as it seems. A world in which perception alters reality. A world in which the powers that be can use mind games to design confounding labyrinths that participants must solve in order to reach the truth.

It sounds as though Matthew is living inside the movie Inception, but actually he just wanted to buy the Blu-ray for the advertised price. But when he entered Best Buy, he found this impossible due to a possible pricing gaffe.

Here’s his story about how he overcame Best Buy’s attempt at “inceptioning” the idea into his brain that the price should be $7 higher than advertised:

While I know this isn’t front page stuff, I had an encounter with Best Buy last night which once again cemented I will never shop there again.

I went to pick up the Blue Ray Version of Inception last night at the local Baldwin , NY Best Buy after work. I had recalled seeing the past Sunday’s advertisement stating the Blue-Ray/DVD/Digital 3 Disc Combo pack was 17.99 this week.

When I went into the store, I saw the price of this edition was 24.99, and the single disc Blue-Ray version was 18.99. I figured this was wrong but was in a rush, so I purchased the single disc and it came out to 20.63.

When I got back to my car, I thought it over, and visited the BB website through my phone. Of course, there it was the 3 disc combo for 17.99. I ended up placing an order online, with in store pick up through my phone. 20 minutes later I go into BB, pick it up, for 17.99, and return the previous single disc copy I bought 30 minutes earlier. So I saved one dollar, and got 3 discs instead of the single Blu-Ray version. Makes no sense

Seems very shady that they would not honor prices advertised in the flier. Pretty much anyone unaware of this issue would be out a few extra dollars. Why would I be able to order the same item online for 7 dollars cheaper? See ya Best Buy.

Matthew had to jump through hoops, but he played this exactly right. What’s the hardest you’ve had to work to secure an advertised but non-existent price?


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  1. Jason says:

    Best Buy always does this. In fact they’ll even pull the the “” website on their instore computer and it will reflect the higher in store price. I think they were sued once in New Jersey for these tactics.

    • FuzzyWillow says:

      I had that happen with USB flash drives. Checked the price at work before I left during lunch to visit BBuy.

      Got there, and the price was significantly higher than the online price. I confronted the salesperson and they brought up the flash drive on their web site. I scratched my head and thought maybe it was Circuity City instead. Went across the street to Cicruit City (Before they were DOA.) Bought the flash drive at the price I was look for.

      Went back to work, and BBuy online showed the price I was looking for at BBuy. Their In store web site shows different prices than what you get online ?!?!?!?

      • Bremma says:

        I’ve yet to see that happen. A few months ago I needed a new video card and Best Buy has a good 1 gig card on sale for something like $75. When i got to the store, it was showing as $80 on the shelf. I went to their site on the store computer, confirmed the lower price, and got a manager to help get it marked down. Though usually when I am in there, it’s with my boyfriend and he has a phone with internet capabilities, so we check on that when we can.

    • Southern says:
    • andyg8180 says:

      1st it was CT… 2nd it wasnt it was the bestbuy “intranet”… 3rd “Best buy always does this” is false because if they got sued once, why would they continue to do “this” Best Buy and are different entities

  2. Ominous Gamer says:

    So he purchased the 18.99 without even checking in store if the 24.99 was actually 17.99?

    You know, cause sometimes people forget to put up the new price stickers…

    • danmac says:

      This is a good point…there’s a possibility that the sale price would have rung up if he had purchased the “$24.99” combo in the first place. There is, of course, not enough information to decisively conclude one way or the other, but it’s a distinct possibility.

    • regis-s says:

      Well to be fair he was in a hurry. But then he had time to order it online and wait half an hour for instore pick up.

      It has happened to me a few times with DVDs. The lower price has always rung up at the register.

  3. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I happened to look through my Best Buy mailer yesterday and the $24.99 deal was the combo pack, but it also included a shooting script. Could the OP have missed any further advertisement that the $24.99 deal included a book, whereas the combo pack by itself was $17.99?

    • LeonardoLeonardo says:

      Maybe they changed it, but the original mailer I saw had the blu-ray combo pack (no script) for $24.99 and the blu-ray only for $18.99. They bumped the online prices for both down to $17.99 to match Target’s and Amazon’s prices. Anyway, last time there was a discrepancy and I knew it before purchase, I just brought the item to the customer service counter and they sold it to me for the online price.

  4. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Or oder from Amazon, which has had the 3-disk version for 17.99 for weeks.

    Best Buy sucks.

    • humphrmi says:

      He probably wanted it in a hurry. Which is where Amazon Prime comes in handy, $3.99 for next-day delivery, woot!

      • NOS says:

        That’s what I am sayin Amazon Prime FTW!

      • PercyChuggs Was Found At JFK Airport says:

        Maybe he doesn’t shop on Amazon often, and therefore would find Prime to be a giant waste of money?

        • humphrmi says:

          Yes, that’s of course a choice. What I’ve found, as a Prime member, is that generally the price of something I want at Amazon is generally around the rest of the web. And in several years of Amazon Prime membership, I’ve never had a problem with shipping, wrong item, mis-charge, etc.

          Before I got my Amazon Prime membership, I also didn’t shop at one particular place. If one website advertised a movie for $12.99 and another advertised it for $12.98, I went with the cheaper one.

          My point is, by planning in advance, buying a Prime membership, I’ve generally (A) not paid substantially more than I would have anyway – maybe a buck more here or there for something, usually the lowest price, (B) I can still get things immediately if I want them, for four bucks, and (C) I’ve never been disappointed.

          Here’s one example – I pre-ordered Shrek III for my kids. $24.99 MSRP. The day it came out, some other web store offered it for $17.99, so Amazon automatically matched their price and only charged me $17.99. And I got it the day it was released, shipped same day delivery.

          That’s all I’m saying, plan ahead, get an Amazon membership, and (usually) never be disappointed. Sorry I’m a shill. Their service rocks.

  5. Dragon Tiger says:

    How can it have “once again cemented [he] will never shop there again” if he went into the store to buy the disc, having already cemented that he would never do so?

    “Will” should be “should”.

    • danmac says:

      It’s kind of like that Mark Twain quote…

      “Quitting smoking is easy, I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

  6. leprechaunshawn says:

    If he was in a rush, where did he find the time to wait 20 minutes instead of the 2 minutes it might have taken to check this before leaving the store? Something is off here and I don’t think it’s just the op’s desire to purchase a “Blue Ray Version” of Inception.

    This is just a case of posting an unnecessary negative story about a store that doesn’t deserve it.

    • danmac says:

      This is just a case of posting an unnecessary negative story about a store that doesn’t deserve it in this instance,/b>.

      Fixed that for ya.

    • mobiuschic42 says:

      I know at my local BestBuy, my cell phone doesn’t work in the store. That’s a good reason to not the check the website. Though, he could’ve checked with a salesperson, but he might have been shy or something.

  7. MikeB says:

    He was in a rush, but then spent probably close to 30min to purchase the 3 pack on line. Wait for it to be ready. Return the single disc, and pick up the 3pack. When all he probably had to do was grab the 3 pack, check with a sales or CSR and then, if they declined to sell it to him at the lower price, he has a reason to complain.

    We are seeing this more and more, people complaining without doing basic footwork to see if they can get an issue fixed.

    • wrjohnston91283 says:

      I hate when people say it, but IS literally a non-issue. I’ve often bought something that’s in the flyer on sale but marked higher, but it rings up at the lower price.

      As others have commented, Matthew had the time to order the single disc, then order the 3 pack online, go back to the store, return the single disc, and write to consumerist, but no time to check to see if the 3-pack would ring up at the sales price?

  8. tdogg241 says:

    First of all, Best Buy’s ad clearly stated that the 3-disc edition was $24.99 and the single-disc was $18.99, so this guy is remembering wrong:

    Second, the online price is matching Amazon’s price for the 3-disc edition. The price is only good online or for in-store pickup. I’m no defender of Best Buy, but it pays to do your research. Why he didn’t opt to check the price on his phone while in the store is his own fault. His need for Inception couldn’t have been *that* urgent.

    • fatediesel says:

      Best Buy and Amazon were actually matching Target. Amazon had Inception for $24.99 but when the Target ad was leaked last week with the $17.99 price Amazon adjusted their price.

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        Which is why I shop at Amazon. They are willing to match prices against the companies trying to gain market share purely by being the cheapest in town.

        Plus Target hates gay people.

        • PercyChuggs Was Found At JFK Airport says:

          “Plus Target hates gay people.”

          Oh please. If Amazon donated money to the campaign of a politician who voted against new roads being constructed, would that mean Amazon hates construction workers?

          Man, people these days love to find any reason to complain or be offended by something.

  9. KlueBat says:

    From the sounds of the letter the OP never even asked a clerk if the 3 disk edition was on sale or not. If he had he may have saved himself the extra trip plus the hassle of returning the single disk copy.

  10. ma1234 says:

    Wow, what a surprise. Consumerist publishes another article that is factually wrong, a daily occurrence.

    Best Buy advertised a price of $24.99., however, price-matched Amazon’s $17.99 price.

    • bifjamod says:

      I have to agree with just about everyone. Consumerist posting negative stories without checking facts. It’s hearsay; human memory is terribly flawed and inaccurate. This just once again cements my decision to stop reading consumerist. Ha!

  11. ma1234 says:

    Wow, what a surprise. Consumerist publishes another article that is factually wrong, a daily occurrence.

    Best Buy advertised a price of $24.99., however, price-matched Amazon’s $17.99 price.

  12. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    My local BestBuy (williston VT) has always honored the lower web price. I always bring up the item on my their website on my phone and show them.

  13. TigerClaw says:

    I had a similar thing happened to me on Saturday during the week of Black Friday. The Best Buy site had a netbook priced at 229.99, When I went to the store to buy it, They tried to charge me 279.99 for it, but then I showed them the proof of the advertised price by loading the best buy page with the netbook in question from my Ipod Touch. Then they gave it to me for that price. :)

  14. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    My local BestBuy (williston VT) has always honored the lower web price. I always bring up the item on my their website on my phone and show them.

    • NOS says:

      Then you are durn lucky…

      This is copied from the Best Buy website… at the bottom of the main page:

      Online prices and selection generally match our retail stores, but may vary. Prices and offers are subject to change.

      They don’t need to match the online prices… you are one of the lucky ones.

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        That statement is meant to say that regional locations may try to charge more.

        It is NOT a blanket statement that online prices will not be honored at the store.

        • NOS says:

          odd, I interpret what is said as …. The online price may no match the prices in the store… cuz that is what it says.

          Generally the prices will be the same, but not all are.

  15. fatediesel says:

    Please research before posting stories Consumerist. Best Buy’s ad did not have the 3-disc edition for $17.99, Target’s did. Best Buy’s advertised prices were the prices in the store. Best Buy changed their online prices to match Target (as did Amazon) but they never change their in-store prices. 2 minutes of research would have found the OP was wrong about the advertised prices and that the store did nothing wrong.

    • regis-s says:

      Might as well add something else as well. Often online pricing doesn’t apply to instore pickup. If you want the online price you have to have it shipped from the warehouse.

  16. RosevilleWgn says:

    Fry’s Electronics does this as well. Their normal response is that the website prices may, or may not reflect the in store price.

  17. NOS says:

    People really drive me nuts with this.

    The 17.99 is the WEB PRICE! If you want the web price, order it on the web. They even give you the option to pick it up in the store if you order from the web.

    It comes down to simple financial math…

    Order online
    1 employee pulls the items and drops them off at the pickup counter
    1 employee runs the register
    you have you item
    1 employee checks you as you leave

    Best Buy Pays for 3 employees (just a rough estimate)

    Go in store
    1 employee welcomes you in
    1-2 employees are stocking/have stocked the shelves that hold the item you want
    1 employee may be needed to get the secure item from the case it is in (obviously this does not apply to all items)
    1 employee asks if you need help (that is what is done when you are shopping in a store)
    1 employee rings you out
    1 anti theft employee checks to make sure you are not stealing anything
    because all items that are pulled for pickup, they never have to pay the money to place an anti-theft sticker on it

    5-7 employees are paid to sell the same item (not to mention the cost of cleaning the store, heating/cooling the store, paying the rent for the retail establishment building, local taxes for retail sale with are NOT charged (if the sale was completed over the web it is no longer a retail sale the transaction was made on the web). The list goes on and on…

    It costs them less to have someone purchase something online than it does to have someone visit the sales floor. That is why it is less online.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      And we should do whatever Big Brother tells us right?

      No. Many companies will gladly match their online prices. To remain competitive other companies do so as well if we ask. But the caviet here is that if there is no demand, no one will offer it. So we as consumers have to ASK for it, and not just be sheep who buy whatever advertising tells us at the price they mandate.

      And if the choice is buy it at the store for the store price, buy it online for a cheaper price, or buy it at a COMPETITOR’S online price instantly in their competition’s store, then your math is blown out of the water. If the choice is sale or no sale, what should the business do? Stick to it’s guns, or turn in Circuit City?

      Circuit who? Yeah, thought so.

      • NOS says:

        And we should do whatever Big Brother tells us right?

        No. Many companies will gladly match their online prices. To remain competitive other companies do so as well if we ask. But the caviet here is that if there is no demand, no one will offer it. So we as consumers have to ASK for it, and not just be sheep who buy whatever advertising tells us at the price they mandate.

        And if the choice is buy it at the store for the store price, buy it online for a cheaper price, or buy it at a COMPETITOR’S online price instantly in their competition’s store, then your math is blown out of the water. If the choice is sale or no sale, what should the business do? Stick to it’s guns, or turn in Circuit City?

        Circuit who? Yeah, thought so.

        Big Brother??!?!?!? WT-FOOACK are you talking about? Best Buy is monitoring your phone calls? What does Big Brother have to do with this?

        Many companies will match their online prices… many won’t. The point here is that they do not need to because they cover their butts by explaining that the prices may be different online vs. in store.

        I want to make sure I am clear here… don’t need you blowing a gasket as you rev up for another rant…. Stores can and do, sometimes, match their online price. But many do not.

        The point here is, if the stores bend and sell it locally for the online price and all of the extra expenses (for having the brick and mortar store) are not covered. Then we see higher prices in the future.

        If the consumer is to damn lazy to order it before going to pick it up… maybe they should go buy it somewhere else.

        BTW, my math is not blown out of the water.
        The simple explanation that my math was showing is that the company (in this case Best Buy) has allowed for lower online costs because by ordering online and having it shipped or picking it up costs them less. So they can extend the savings to their customers.

  18. IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

    Yay it’s another hate on Best Buy day!

    That screenshot is from the web, not the paper ad. There are many times they are different, one of the reasons is fulfillment and shipping costs.
    Price matching generally does not exist when it comes to brick and mortar stores vs. interwebs, but I have noticed that is changing. But that will never be the case when they are different products completely.

  19. tar2008heel says:

    Just looked at the weekly ad from my local best buy, I think he read it wrong. It’s pretty clear that the DVD is 17.99, blu-ray is 18..99, dvd/blu-ray/digital copy combo is 24.99, and finally the blu-ray with shooting script is 24.99.

    • Jnetty says:

      The website show the 17.99 version with a thumbnail of the blue-ray/dvd/digital/ combo pack.

      It’s very confusing

  20. mbd says:

    What flier? The link above takes you to, and the price listed for purchases though As much as I hate Best Buy, there is nothing unusual or unique to the store price being higher than the online price. Most stores will match their lower online price if you pointed out to them, including Best Buy.

    Best Buy did get in trouble a few years ago for scamming store customers with a mirror web site with higher prices, but I have heard nothing about that still occurring since they got in trouble.

  21. Toolhead says:

    I always tell people that we match our online prices and I would never lie to a Customer like that.
    It’s SOP to check the Website if a Customer says he saw an Item cheaper online we have no problem matching this.IF someone were to say that they read the price wrong that BBY employee is lying and it doesn’t mean that all BBY employees do stuff like that,I’m kinda upset how Consumerist spins these stories to make all BBY employees look bad.If Matthew would have simply asked someone to check best we would over written the in store price with the $17.99 one.

  22. Red Cat Linux says:

    I once spent an afternoon driving to four different area BB stores to get the advertised deal of a DVD player/burner and a free copy of Battlestar Galactica Season 3.

    It was an online purchase made difficult, when it shouldn’t have been. Store that I picked up from had the show, but not the right unit. I had to run around to the other stores to find one that actually had both in stock.

  23. Alessar says:

    Whenever you’re going to shop at a place like Best Buy and you’re referring to a website price – not a PDF of the local ad but the website price – be prepared to print that out and demand a price match, or buy online for instore pickup.

  24. Jnetty says:

    that’s the local Best Buy store that I go to… I though Consumerist erased the actual location.

  25. Bby says:

    OP, get a clue. All you have to do is have them PRICE MATCH BESTBUY.COM.

    BESTBUY.COM IS A SEPARATE ENTITY. The box stores DO NOT always have the same price. That is why they have a key which allows them to price match.

    Way to misreport everything again Phil. All the message board tards can’t seem to use their minds and apparently you feed off this.

    • samonela says:

      You. Are. Awesome. Can I be you for Halloween?

      “Howdy, howdy look at me! I’m smarter than all!”

      • Bby says:

        And you’re only addition to this thread was sarcasm because you are not able to add a legitimate comment? Exactly what I expected from the trolls….

        • samonela says:

          Wow! You sure put me in my place! Thanks! Now I’ve got TWO years of Halloween taken care of! Awesome!!

          • Bby says:


            So let me understand this. You’re mocking me off topic because I answered the OP on topic. Uh huh…

            • samonela says:

              Sorry I was busy on Sunday and didn’t have time to reply.

              But to answer your question…you are correct. You were mocked. However – you seizing the opportunity to lay into Phil and the OP didn’t go unnoticed.

              • Bby says:

                You obviously have no idea how to read then.

                I didn’t lay into anyone. I simply stated a BEST BUY POLICY that is plain and clear on their web site.

                The problem here is apparently people like the OP, Phil, and you seem to want to lay into a store like Best Buy rather than get the real facts.

                Just because something is stated in a post to the Consumerist, doesn’t make it fact. The fact that a good majority of the people on these boards treat it as such is the real issue.

  26. yessongs says:

    well if you are spending money replacing your dvd collection on Blue-ray you deserve to get bent over

  27. jedifarfy says:

    Ah, I hate websites sometimes. I work at a large chain bookstore and our online prices are always lower, and we can’t honor them in store. Can’t even count how many people have walked out with nothing because of this, and I don’t blame them at all.

  28. Woodside Park Bob says:

    Print out the page with the item from the Best Buy web site and also print out the page with their policy that says they will match their web price in stores unless the web page says the price is “web only.” Then take the two pages with you when you go to the store. In my experience they will check the internet page — you may have to make sure they go to the real public best buy site rather than the in-store one — and then match the web price as long as they don’t find it says “web only” somewhere on the page. I recently saved $30 of their newspaper ad price this way.

  29. lozenp says:

    How is this a story. Stores like BB certainly deserve criticism at times, but here a guy goes into a store after pretty clearly misreading the ad, buys the wrong version, doesn’t bother to check with anyone in the store on the price, then gets the 17.99 anyhow and still complains. Give me a break. If he would have simply asked someone about it they would have given him the 17.99 and he would have saved himself 20 minutes. Find me a store that DOESN’T do online-only offers?

  30. spazztastic says:

    Sounds like Barnes and Noble and Different prices, even though you can order and pick up in-store.

  31. spazztastic says:

    Rereading this…it’s a total non-story. He saw shelf tag; he never verified, nor even try to ask, what the actual price was for the 3-disc pack. OP Fail.

  32. peterabbit46 says:

    Apparently I’ve been fortunate that my Best Buy stores match their online price and don’t have a false site reflecting in-store pricing. Recently a Sunday circular advertised a Disney movie I wanted for 34.99 since it was 3D. Online they had it for 27.99 and I was also able to get the $10 off promotion you can print from the internet. So I was able to get a 4 disc 3D edition bluray all for 17.99. While I do most of my shopping on Amazon or Fry’s electronics, I have had some good luck on occasion at my local Best Buy.

  33. sopmodm14 says:

    usually, the online sites ship from a distribution warehouse directly….yes, you avoid the hassle and lines, but you probably pay $7 back in shipping….and to wait for it in the maiL ?

    usually the price difference is the savings plus tax…only you can get the item in hand that very day

  34. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Tar-jay 3-disc blu-ray/dvd/extras $17.99 out the door.

    You’re welcome.

  35. davebu3 says:

    Course they do it, higher markup to differ the cost of running a store. If you ask they will match the price, just show them the lower price on your phone.

  36. jhaygood86 says:

    If he had a web-capable phone, and went to, and put the Best buy item number (from the price tag) into the search bar, and showed it to the person checking out, you get the web price.

    Best Buy in store will match that everytime.

  37. Chon says:

    Best Buy MATCHES prices. Including from their website. Inglorious Basterds was about 5 more bucks in store than online one day. I told them to match the online price and they did. He shouldve asked to match the price online and save himself 20 minutes -_-“

  38. Jimmy12345 says: is probably matching Amazon, who was matching Target’s Advertised price. In this case it should be pretty simple, ask to match their own website or bring in a target ad.

    BestBuy has never given me problems matching their own website unless the item says online only. Every time I go in their price tags always say what they say in their printed flyer. And many times it is cheaper at their own website because they have matched other sites. If you are buying something and concerned about getting the best price, then find out where the best prices are and how to get them. Don’t buy and then complain afterward you didn’t research the best prices.

  39. wellfleet says:

    1. Best Buy no longer has the “internal” website. The employee site will show whatever is the lowest price available.

    2. Prices vary from online to in-store, and from store to store. This is done at most large retailers and is a fact of doing business.

    3. Why didn’t the OP ask for a price match? It would have been pretty easy. As a former BBY manager, I used to do these all the time. Takes 10 seconds.

    4. I am so sick of Phil doing zero research and posting stories that are factually inaccurate and misleading. If Consumerist is to have credibility, they must also have accountability. You can’t be taken seriously as reporters and journalists if you can’t be bothered with fact-checking. It’s getting tiresome.

  40. soj4life says:

    I was buying BRs and the prices on-line for store pickup were showing various discs on sale while the store’s system was marked them at the regular price. The associate asked me if I really wanted to buy them, and then had a manager override the prices. It was a better experience than the last time I had a problems with best buy and they tried to charge me a sales tax without confirming it with me; I was suppose to pickup in del, but magically they were out of stock and I picked up my purchase in jersey.

  41. NoRegrets78 says:

    They’ve done this to me twice. Once on a UPS (30 dollar difference) and once on a universal remote (nearly 100 dollar difference). Both times I used my Android phone to bring up the public website and forced them to use that price.

  42. andyg8180 says:

    Best Buy and are completely different entities… In most cases BestBuy stores will honor the price… I thought we all learned this over the past 100 or so articles complaining about instore vs online pricing of any store…

    Also, Inception single disc and Inception 3disc combo are two different skus….Hence, they will be priced different. If the 3disc is on sale, doesnt mean the single disc should be too…

    Its the same thing as McDonalds charging you 99cents for a McDouble but $1.19 for a standard cheeseburger…

  43. frc says:

    I was told by a Best Buy employee that you do not have to purchase the item online if it’s cheaper, then pick it up. Each department has internet access. You can ask them to look it up and they will honor the lower web price.

  44. Mr. Charlie says:

    So let’s see…

    Average person see’s the price for $17.99 online, says to his/herself “Hey this is a pretty good deal. I can just order it now and pick it up at the store.” Orders item at the advertised ONLINE price, and goes home to make popcorn and watch their new flick.

    Someone who has fewer brain cells to spare see’s the price for $17.99 online. Goes straight to the store. See’s that, surprise of all surprises, the in-store price is different than the online price.

    Said person then: 1. Doesn’t ask for a price check, 2. Doesn’t pull his phone out there and check the online price, 3. Doesn’t take 5 seconds to ask one person about how to get the online price.

    Instead this person would like us to believe that he buys the item and leaves the store. And then all of a sudden he’s not in a rush anymore and spends the next 20 minutes or so looking it up and ordering it online. Then takes the original purchase back in for a refund and gets the ONLINE item IN-STORE at the ONLINE price.

    More likely story as to how this actually went down… Guy goes to store and buys Inception. He goes home and watches it a couple of times. Then, after getting bored from playing Call of Duty in his mom’s basement one day, he checks and sees the lower price and thinks he’s getting screwed. So he probably printed off the add with the ONLINE price, marched into the store, and threw a class three thermonuclear conniption fit in front of god and everyone until he got it at the price he saw online.

    And then, just to stoke his own ego, he decides to take his “tale of woe” and get his 5 minutes of internet fame from posting it on the consumerist, instead of admitting that he should’ve just checked the online price to begin with. All of this for $7.00? Really?

    Oh, btw, GREAT job by the “Consumerist” crew for actually attempting to find any facts on this instead of just taking 30 seconds to write an evil sounding header and moving on to the next hillbilly post.