Netflix Will Stream Disney Shows 15 Days After They Air

Donning a pair of metaphorical mouse ears, Neflix cut a streaming video deal with Disney that advances the service’s quest to give viewers reasons to can satellite and cable TV.

In its announcement of the deal, Netflix brags that several unspecified Disney-owned shows, from channels including ABC, Disney Channel and ABC Family will start streaming on Netflix as early as 15 days after they first air.

New to the streaming party will be Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters. The first two High School Musical movies will also be available, saving you the indignity of having to hide your DVDs whenever people come to visit.

What shows and movies do you want to see Netflix lasso in to its streaming stampede?

Netflix signs deal with Disney, more TVs and movies in 15 days [PR Newswire via TekGoblin, Slashdot]

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