Best Buy Bungles Sale, Denies Me Refund

Ian tried to take advantage of a sweet laptop and printer pre-Black Friday sale at Best Buy’s website, but couldn’t check out with the advertised price. A customer service rep suggested Ian pay the higher price for the items, then apply for a refund for the difference later. The plan didn’t work out so well.

He writes:

I have never had an issue with Best Buy. The Monday before Black Friday, Best Buy online had a sale for all Silver Reward Members. During that day they had many offers listed on their website as a pre Black Friday sale of deals they would be offering for Black Friday.

One of those items was a Toshiba Laptop and HP printer for $479. This is normally a $1100 laptop and $80 printer. So to get both for $479 seemed like a great deal. I attempted to purchase the items on their website where their was a link to purchase. When the items were added to the card, the sale price did not ring up correctly.

I called the 1-800 number I was given for the sale and they said they would need to process the order on the phone. They were unable to process my order of the phone because they claimed it was sold out. I was told by a representative I spoke to a supervisor which I did not get a name for, that if would be to successfully order the item online that I would be able to file a claim to get the refund since there appeared to be a mistake with the price. They told me that they would make a note of this in my account for when I call back. With tax this is about $700.

I put the order in of the items that were still in my cart. Both items shipped and I received them Monday November 28th. That same day I called in to report the error in the price. In order to file the refund of the difference they would need to send the claim to their Promotions Department. I was told that the promotions team would have to contact me.

On Sunday 12/5, I received a call from a woman from Best Buy. She said they were declining my refund because the item had to be purchased over the phone. She said that on the email I received regarding the sale that the item had to be purchased over the phone. Nowhere on the email that I received did it say that nor did it say it on the webpage for the item before purchasing.

Ian’s leap of faith didn’t work out, but he could return the items and look for a better deal. What would you do?

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