Wisconsin Town Rejects Happy Meal Ban

While politicians in San Francisco go back and forth about whether or not to effectively ban the sale of kid’s meals that include toys, the city council of Superior, WI, has roundly dismissed a similar proposal.

The legislation, which would have forbade the inclusion of toys in fast food kid’s meals, was shut down by a 7-1 vote.

From the Superior Telegram:

[The councilman who proposed the law] said his intent was not to tell businesses what they could serve the public or to tell parents what they should feed their children. His intent was to remove the reward and limit giveaways that target children and encourage them to eat unhealthy fast food meals.

It didn’t help the councilman’s case that all four people he called before the council to speak in favor of the law were from Duluth, MN, instead of from the local community.

“No one from Superior was in support of it,” one of the opposing council members said.

Council won’t play with kids’ fast food toys [Superior Telegram]

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