Ways Hotels Try To Bilk You For Extra Money

A hotel’s room rate is only the base price of your stay. The industry pulses with ways to stick you with a bevy of fees you may not see coming.

Writing at Wisebread, Kentin explains how to avoid letting hotels take you to the cleaners.

His advice:

*Ask if there is a fee to use the safe, and if there is and you don’t plan on using it, try to opt out of having to pay.

*Avoid the mini-bar, which is stocked with food and drinks that are marked up to laughable prices. Bring your own snacks and drinks to avoid the temptation.

*Remember that everything is negotiable. Unless you’ve prepaid for your entire visit, it’s worth asking the desk guy if there’s a better room rate available.

What are your secrets for cutting hotel costs?

How to avoid getting fleeced at hotels [WiseBread]

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