Buy Two Things At Kroger And Get A Free Yard Of Receipt Toilet Paper

With the rest of the world trying to cut down on the use of paper, it is apparently up to the grocery industry to keep destroying trees in the name of ridiculously long receipts.

Over at Reddit, a reader shared this snake of a receipt they’d received after purchasing a grand total of two things at their local Kroger.

The receipt comes complete with a summary of points earned for the purchase, amount saved and very, very detailed info on the “3 Easy Ways to Apply” for the Kroger Mastercard.

We hope they don’t do receipt checking at the door at Kroger because it could take an hour to read through the text on this monster.

Really Kroger? I bought 2 things… [Reddit]

Thanks to Howard for the tip!


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  1. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    The reader hopefully recycled it.

    • Tim says:

      AFAIK, you can’t recycle modern receipt paper. It’s been treated to react to heat (that’s how stuff is printed on it), and that stuff can’t be recycled.

    • RandomHookup says:

      Except thermal paper can’t usually be recycled, can it?

    • layton59 says:

      I think it should be “recycled” right at the register. Ask the cashier to give you only the part you need for the two items. Make the cashier weed out the excess. If enough people slow down the lines and the company looses time and money, then it will stop. I bought 3 items at K-Mart (not Kroger) and got a receipt almost as tall as I am. I did have the idea for cashier “recycling” until tonight.

  2. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I’d rather take the yard of receipt over spam in my mailbox, which is the likely alternative if grocery stores were to stop this practice. I go to the store once a week, but sometimes I’ll skip a week or I’ll go on vacation. If grocery stores stop putting all of their spam on the receipts and start sending spam to my mailbox, I’d be getting it every week instead of only when I go to the store.

  3. minjche says:

    I recently bought something in an Apple store and I thought it was really nifty that they were able to e-mail me my receipt instead of printing one out in the store.

    We may be a long way off from such an idea from hitting grocery stores, if ever, but it certainly makes it easier for me to keep track of the receipt should I ever need it.

    • wrjohnston91283 says:

      That made me realize I never got the receipt from my ilife purchase a few weeks ago.

      • CaptainSemantics says:

        If you call the store and give them a few minutes, they can pull up the receipt and email it to your correct address. They usually make a typo. It’s happened to me before and after I called, I got it back within a few hours.

    • RandomHookup says:

      But think of the unemployed receipt checkers????!!!!!

    • fs2k2isfun says:

      Best Buy will now email a receipt for store purchases as well if you want. You still get a paper one in the store, but a digital one is great in case you need it down the road for warranty issues.

    • qwickone says:

      I don’t know if that will work for groceries because a lot of people read through their receipt right after their transaction. Personally, I can’t keep up with all the prices as fast as their scanning, so when I pay, I pull my cart over (out of the way, of course) and check all the prices on my receipt. Takes 30-60 secs and I end up with about 1 free item a month (it’s free if it rings up incorrectly). I see at least one other person doing this every time, so I’m guessing a lot of people do it. I wouldn’t mind if it was ALSO emailed to me though.

      • minjche says:

        Can’t say I’ve ever scrutinized a grocery receipt like that but if electronic receipts were implemented in grocery stores, they could offer printed receipts on request for folks that wanted them. It’d still cut down on paper use and let you check your items.

        Not that I’m arguing for electronic receipts in grocery stores. I’m just saying it was a cool thing at the Apple store. I can’t think of any one grocery I buy that is expensive enough to warrant checking the price on the receipt or driving back to the store to return it if were expired/spoiled/etc.

      • One-Eyed Jack says:

        aaah, it’s free if you ASK THEM to give it to you free when the scanner is wrong. Otherwise, the policy at my local Kroger is to simply refund the difference.

  4. MDSasquatch says:

    My wife went to Safeway a few weeks back and got something similar. They have a separate machine that spits out coupons based on your buying habits; she only got a few things, but the machine spit out a mile of Safeway coupons that added up to $46 in free groceries. Not the BOGO coupons, just plain free, I am not sure if it was a glitch or just one of those days, but it was a nice surprise.

  5. Muddie says:

    What, no coupons came with it? He got lucky.

  6. savvy9999 says:

    Paper companies wonder aloud why hates America in 3…2…1…

    Seriously however, I very much wish cashiers and self-service kiosks would have a “don’t print the reciept” option, much like most self-service gas pumps do these days. I swipe my loyalty card, you know who I am, you have this all in a database somewhere, if I need to return something, you have a record of it. Keep the paper, please. Or actually, I would mind an email of it instead, to my junk/spam account.

    Wegman’s get on it!

    • savvy9999 says:

      correction: *would not mind* an email.

      Anything to not get or have paper, which piles up in my wallet or pockets, and then ends up in a drawer, to be cleaned out every couple of months.

    • msbask says:

      That’s actually a great idea. I wish my supermarkets had that option.

    • dorianh49 says:

      Dunder Mifflin: Limitless paper in a paperless world.

  7. TooManyHobbies says:

    Whenever I get a ridiculously long receipt, I make sure to clog up the checkout line for a few seconds while I figure out what is the relevant part, then rip off the chuff at the bottom and ask the checkout person to throw it away for me.

    • captadam says:

      I’m sure the clerks love to see you coming.

    • minjche says:

      … as opposed to politely explaining your opinion to the store manager, you know, like an adult.

      File this under “Be a fucking human being”.

    • Dr.Wang says:

      I think I am inclined to like this response. I’ve never done it but the thought has crossed my mind a time or two. I shop at our local Fry’s (Kroger) and I sometimes get coupons from the 2nd printer. But in all my Fry’s shopping years, I have NEVER received a coupon for something I would ever buy. I only get coupons for fat/sugar/salt laden junk. So when they try to push them into my hands I drop them right where I stand. If you go to the self check-outs it appears I am not alone in my dislike for the register tape paper coupons either. It’s their trash, let them deal with the disposal costs. The lack of junk is the main reason I still occasionally go to walmart for groceries.

  8. markedward says:

    I noticed the same thing yesterday… at least, for the lady in front of me in line. I didn’t get a yard, but her purchase of just a few items somehow necessitated a 20 inch receipt.

  9. Bremma says:

    Mine from Giant look like that, especially if I buy things that a both on sale and discounted for Giant card members (each item that is discounted by card gets an extra line, then another for any additional sales). This mean buying 10 sale and discounted items can become 30 lines just in terms of items. Not to mention their listing of points and such below it.

    • Marlin says:

      and if you use a CC at Giant you also get a small CC reciept after as well. Just in case the big one gets lonelly.

  10. AD8BC says:

    I was recently at a Sam’s Club and their receipt printer printed out part of the receipt on both sides. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Kind of a neat idea until you need to copy it for an expense report and that requires two full sheets of paper…

    • DarthCoven says:

      A few Walmarts I’ve been to have started doing this as well. Pleasant surprise to have my full wagon shopping expedition fill up a receipt no larger than 6 inches.

    • Not Given says:

      You just put the same sheet of paper back in the printer to print the other side. I do that all the time.

    • delicatedisarray says:

      All the Walmarts I have recently been to do this. It is very nice. The reciepts are nice and short and easy to store in your wallet if you are buying something you fear you may ending up needing to return.

    • GHDave says:

      Our local Sunflower Farmer’s Market (don’t really know why they call it that – it’s a grocery store) has done the same for a couple of years.

  11. thewriteguy says:

    This isn’t just an ecological waste, it’s also an inconvenience (besides having to wait for such a long receipt to print). Whenever I use my credit card to make a purchase, I like to fold and save the receipt in my wallet — it’s part of my way of keeping track of my credit purchases for the month.

  12. NightSteel says:

    I get this at my local Fred Meyer sometimes. Most of the problem is that stupid credit card crap. No, I don’t want your store-brand credit card. If I could somehow permanently decline it so the receipt printer didn’t waste paper on it, I’d be much happier.

  13. scouts honor says:

    I get receipts that long all the time from Fry’s (which is the same company as Kroger’s, I think). The receipt has a long explanation of “how much you’ve saved”, a request to fill out an online survey, sections stating how much you’ve earned in gas rewards and (depending on the season) Suns or Diamondbacks rewards, and finally the Mastercard offer. Then, on separate paper, they hand out “coupons” that are usually just ads for other businesses. The whole thing is ridiculous.

  14. jiarby says:

    At our grocery store they print coupons… We get a free chik-fil-a sammich and a chik-n-biscuit every time we buy groceries! If the receipts were shorter I would only get a coupon now & then.

  15. webweazel says:

    I stopped by a Walmart a few weeks ago that was out in the boonies mostly. The receipt was printed on both sides and very short. Hurrah! I hope more stores get this!

  16. OnePumpChump says:

    I got into the habit of keeping receipts in my pockets in Japan and Korea, where public bathrooms usually don’t have toilet paper.

    So yeah, toilet paper.

  17. StutiCebriones says:

    So how many yards of receipts do paper manufacturers get out of a tree? Five, 10, 20? Sounds like it’s single-handedly deforesting America.

    • minjche says:

      I think it’s safe to say that you can get more than 20 yards of receipt out of a single tree.


  18. redskull says:

    I’ve been working a second part time job since September (to pay off my credit card bills once and for all) and at our store it’s possible to get your normal lengthy receipt, a separate strand of coupons, and yet a third receipt if you have one of the store’s gas reward cards.

  19. Scoobatz says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why the OP needed to remove his pants before taking the picture.

  20. Fett101 says:

    A tip, if you have no interest in the credit card application then customer service should have a barcode they can scan to opt out and you’ll not get bugged again.

  21. FeelinFroggy says:

    Yes, you saved $0.80 with your plus card…..and Kroger spent $2.00 letting you know. lmao

  22. Plasmafox says:

    When someone hands me a receipt like this I take it, separate my change from it, and hand it back to them, forcing them to take their attention off of the next customer and throw it in their own garbage. I do the same when they hand me an advertisement or credit card brochure with my receipt. “No thanks, I don’t want this.”

    • minjche says:

      Inconveniencing other people (including the more-than-innocent customer behind you) is not a route to bring about a change here, but instead just leaves you looking like a dick and everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. The cashier has no say in whether or not the receipts are long.

      Approach the store manager, offer constructive criticism, and be less of a self-important prick.

      • BorkBorkBork says:


        I hate getting stuck behind somebody with a “point” to make.

      • Plasmafox says:

        I’m not wasting any more of the next person in line’s time than the store is attempting to waste of mine(and eventually will the next person’s as well.) The cashier is a representative at that store. No, if they made the decision to do that I would take offense to them personally.

        Also, you’re really that upset about me taking two seconds to express my displeasure over something a store does? And in a way that really can’t cause any further problems. Who is it that’s self important?

  23. hoi-polloi says:

    I received a similar receipt from Radio Shack when I bought a replacement watch battery with cash. That made the big ad for identity protection particularly funny.

  24. Adam says:

    Lowe’s is also pretty notorious for this…..along with asking me for my freaking phone number.

  25. chaelyc says:

    The receipts at my local Kroger are a little big longer than they seem that they “Should” be but nothing like that.

    This happened at my local Citgo gas station once, on a rare occasion where “do not print receipt” wasn’t an option. I remember getting in the car stunned at how long the slip was for a single line item. I emailed them directly & it turns out that each gas station, because they’re independently owned, gets to print their receipts however they choose. They get to decide if it’s optional to take one & they decide what goes on it.

    I wonder if a letter to the Kroger in question couldn’t clear up some of the excess footage on their particular store’s receipts. It might be another case of “owners choose” that could actually be rectified.

    Another unrelated tidbit – some Kroger stores print paid ads & coupons for local businesses on the back of their receipts. I’ve seen certain cashiers hit the “feed” button on the printer so it’ll keep spitting out blank footage until the ads begin to repeat so every advertiser is represented on every receipt. I wonder if that was a store policy or something the clerk was doing on their own in an attempt to be fair.

  26. Dave on bass says:

    Great idea! just print the receipt on toilet paper! Woo, free extra TP!

    Erm, along with gloved cashiers, I suppose. Just in case.


  27. DowneMixedBoi says:

    Rite Aid is pretty bad aswell.

  28. abz_zeus says:

    Sainsburys UK supermarket now print on both sides 50% less paper

  29. ciara says:

    this is so true – all my kroger receipts are a minimum 1 foot long – for 1 item… crazy

  30. One-Eyed Jack says:

    Hey, how’d you get my Kroger receipt?

    (Seriously, they can be measured in feet rather than inches.)

  31. Intheknow says:

    I love when the cashier hands me my receipt and tells me (after circling it on the receipt) how much I’ve saved today. It just seems so redundant and fake. I’m not sure why that really rubs me the wrong way. By now EVERYONE has caught on to the whole grocery store card hooey anyway and we’re on to the trickery behind it. PLEASE don’t try to make me believe that only at Kroger could I have “saved” so much. I know how to shop and I know that my gallon of milk should cost X amount. If it costs more at Kroger, I just don’t buy it there.

  32. Intheknow says:

    The last time I went to Kroger I bought a box of tea bags for nearly $4.00. Imagine how lucky I was to receive a coupon for 50 cents off the next time I but 3 boxes of that tea! What luck! Spend $11.00 and save 50 cents. You know that makes me a Kroger shopper for life!

  33. James says:

    I did some Saturday shopping at 3-4 stores earlier this year and separated which part of the receipt I actually needed versus all the promotions and garbage.

    Usually Walgreens is the worst, and if it’s the manager I’ll rip the portion of the receipt I need, and tell him I don’t care for it all. But this day Sears (like the article here) was insane as my itemized list and total was only about 20%

    Here are the photos of all my paperwork

  34. gman863 says:

    Uh, nobody here shops or gets prescriptions filled at CVS?

    I have received receipts with up to 12 (yes, twelve) coupons or offers when picking up a single prescription – receipts that dwarf the length of Kroger.

    Although there is an occasional good coupon, most appear to be for crap CVS is either grossly overpriced on or trying to get rid of.

    “Save $1.00 on 2 large bags of M&Ms” on a receipt for a diabities drug prescription? Yes, it’s happened more than once.

  35. Emily says:

    I like the long Kroger receipts, because of the coupons, which I use and save a good bit of money with.

    But they probably ought to provide a way to opt out for those customers who don’t want and wouldn’t use them.

  36. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I’d just tear off the part with the amount and hand the rest back to the cashier. That’s ridiculous. I always refuse those dumb coupon printouts too, mostly because they’re never for anything I would ever buy.

  37. CWG85338 says:

    I redesigned my receipt file to shorten each one by 3-4 inches, and it saves me money and keeps hundreds of additional feet of chemically-treated paper out of the landfill.

  38. Smultronstallet says:

    The grocery store I work at has all that crap and ads printed on the back; it makes for a whole lot less receipt paper! Maybe Kroger should follow suit. I’m really curious as to how long the receipts are for 50 plus item orders…