HP's Idea Of Fixing A Coupon Is For You To Buy A 2nd Laptop

Talk about buyer’s remorse. Hours after David bought a new laptop from HP with a $150 off coupon, they rolled out a $200 off coupon. HP’s first suggestion to solve this was that David should buy a second laptop at the reduced price and then return it. Excuuuuuse me?

“I still hadn’t received the refund for the first laptop and now HP wanted me to lay out nearly $3,000 simply to save $50,” writes David. And once the order had been placed, HP said, it could not be modified or canceled.

David told HP this was not okay and if that’s the only solution they were offering, he was going to take his business somewhere else. That got a reaction.

“Suddenly the agent changed her tune and told me that they would refund $40 to my credit card once the laptop shipped. I thanked her and called it a win.”

“The lesson, as always,” writes David, “it never hurts to ask.”