Carjacker Gets Tracked Down In 7 Minutes Thanks To Droid App

Droid does…justice? A guy who got carjacked was able to track the thief and send cops to surround him in seven minutes, thanks to the Lookout app installed on his Droid left in the car.

The New Jersey father had stepped out to go buy groceries for his family when he found a .380 automatic pointed at him. “Is that a real gun?” he asked. “You wanna see?” the attacker reportedly replied and then pointed the gun at his face. The citizen put up his hands and backed off and the carjacker jumped in the car and sped away.

Thinking quickly, he remembered that he left his Droid in the car, and that it had the Lookout app installed on it. Among its other features, the app lets you go online and see your phone’s location in Google Maps. On the phone with the cops, the victim was able to relay his assailant’s location with turn-by-turn instructions.

There are other apps like this for different kinds of mobile phones, installing one could come in handy in situations like this. What’s your favorite GPS locator app for your mobile device? Sound off in the comments.

New Jersey police make arrest thanks to GPS [ABC7 via Droid-Life]