Xbox Rewards Program Offers Online Currency For Online Activity

Whenever a monolithic company concocts a rewards program, the inclination is to view it with a skeptical eye, as a Trojan Horse that will surely lead to exploitation. But at first glance, it’s tough to find fault with Microsoft’s seemingly benevolent Xbox Live Rewards program.

The program’s site says it will hand out Microsoft Points — Xbox Live’s online currency — to gamers who take surveys, buy downloadable games, activate and use the Netflix streaming feature and renew their memberships. Rewards are greater for paying Xbox Live Gold members than they are for those who stick with the free service.

If you sign up for the service, let us know how it works out for you.

Welcome to Xbox Live rewards [Xbox Live Rewards via Joystiq]


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  1. eddieck says:

    $60/year – a few dollars for taking surveys and buying things

  2. grucifer says:

    Eh, why not. Already a live gold member, might as well get some return for my 30$

  3. brianisthegreatest says:

    Seems like it can’t hurt. No one is gonna get me to sit through a survey though.

  4. Robofish says:

    sony has a similar one in the works for PSN users. And the beauty of that is PSN = FREE to play online ( unless you want their PS plus sevice for the other stuff )

  5. steveliv says:

    as long as i can get free microsoft points, i’m in. I’ve already gotten over 800 ms points from the bing rewards toolbar. i just check every few days to see if they have any special click throughs, do a couple searches, and when i have 100 points, i redeem them.

    • NaptownMVP says:

      Whoa. Details now, plz?

    • MaliBoo Radley says:

      Me too. That bing bar rewards setup is great.

    • PlumeNoir - Thank you? No problem! says:

      Yes, but have you been able to redeem any of those Bing points for MS Points in the past month?

      • steveliv says:

        yes, i ordered the points last month, and received an email a few days ago with the redemption codes. i went to and redeemed them for MS points.

        • PlumeNoir - Thank you? No problem! says:

          Huh. I know a lot of people on CAG, myself included, that haven’t gotten their points from Bing since the beginning of November. I have 4 of the 100 Point code that have been processing all that time. Before that, the turnaround was anywhere from a day to a week.

    • Jerkamie says:

      your comment made me look into the rewards for bing. Too bad I have to download some lame tool bar that only works in IE. No thanks :(

  6. Sndtrkman says:

    I was part of the Trial version last year and it wasn’t that bad of a program. I’m definitely going to re-sign for this since they finally rolled it out to everyone.

  7. Jerkamie says:

    Not available in Canada. Just another reason not to renew your gold and upgrade your computer instead.

  8. dush says:

    Of course this comes out right after I already renewed and bought DLC.