Reader's 323,000 Hilton Points Zapped Out Of Existence

Due to the nature of Craig’s work, he spends about half of his nights sleeping in hotels. If you’re a hotel chain, he’s the kind of customer you would want to work hard to keep. However, Hilton doesn’t think so: since his work didn’t bring him near any Hilton properties in the last year, they canceled his rewards account and purged all 323,000 of his HHonors points.

It looks like Hilton still hasn’t learned how to treat high-revenue customers. I found out the hard way today that Hilton had canceled my account due to inactivity and purged my 323,000 HHonors points. I called them up to see if there was any way for me to have my account reinstated, especially considering I am a business traveler that stays in hotels 150-200 nights a year, and was only the lack of a Hilton near my current client site that has kept me from using Hilton in recent times. I was offered 2,500 (not a typo) bonus points if I stayed at a Hilton property in the next 60 days, but I would lose my 323,000pts either way. After escalating to a manager, I was told that since I’ve stayed at another hotel chain durng my absence, I’m “no longer considered a loyal customer” and they could not do anything to fix my situation.

Based on your earlier article, I tweeted @HiltonHHonors about the problem to see if they could grease the wheels a bit. We shall see what happens. In the meantime, I’m sure Marriot will enjoy
my nice green money.

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