Microsoft Has Different Instructions Every Time I Call About My Brand-New Broken Xbox

Peter tells Consumerist that in early November, he purchased a new Xbox 360 with Kinect. His new system didn’t waste any time–it started breaking down that very night. Bringing it back to the store wasn’t an option, since he had transferred all of his licenses. His only choice was to contact Microsoft for repairs or a new box.

Nov 4th – I bought a new Xbox 360 with Kinect. It was a Xbox 360S
250GB model. It starts to show signs of breaking that very night.
After I had transferred all my licenses making a system return no an
option anymore.

Nov 6th – I call support. They tell me I’m going to get a box shipped
to me so I can send my Xbox in for repairs.

Nov 16th – I call support asking where my box is. They tell me I’m
not getting a box, I’m actually getting a replacement hard drive. He
said it usually takes around 7-10 business days so wait a little

Nov 19th – This is the 10th business day and I never got a hard drive.
I call again and they tell me they don’t ship hard drives until I
send them mine first. I talk to a supervisor that says he’d review my
customer support phone calls and call me back the next day with a

Nov 20th – I never get a phone call from the supervisor. I talk to
another supervisor and she says they have no record of a phone call
that occurred the previous day. She tells me I need to send in the
hard drive and I have the option of either getting the shipping label
to do so sent to my email or postal mail. I tell her to send to me
through postal because I never received any of their emails.

I write an official complaint letter at this point because I assumed
the nightmare was over.

Nov 26th – I call Xbox support again to confirm that a shipping label
is getting mailed to me. The rep tells me they take 7-9 days. So I
would be receiving it the next week.

Dec 1 – I call Xbox support asking if my label has shipped. The rep
tells me I’m not receiving a label. I need to mail my hard drive in
to a facility that was not once mentioned in the past month. He gives
me the address to the facility and all the questions about why
everyone has lied to me were met with nothing with “I’m sorry but this
is the process”.

So a brand new Xbox has been broken since day 1 and I can’t do
anything but keep calling support and getting a different story

Maybe going up the food chain a bit will help. Try calling the secret escalations number for Xbox repairs – have your reference number handy.

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