NFL Will Refund Most Tickets If Lockout Occurs Next Season

Even as NFL fans are enjoying this season, the specter of a lockout for the 2011 season looms large. With that work stoppage looking more and more possible every day, the league has had to make a decision on how to deal with ticket refunds should the league come to a grinding halt next year. And for most people, it’s not horrible news.

All 32 teams in the NFL will offer full refunds for most tickets purchased to preseason and regular season games. What won’t be covered by the league’s refund policy are club seats, luxury box/suite seats and Personal Seat Licenses. It will be up to each franchise’s discretion to decide how they deal with those tickets.

More details on the refunds, according to USA Today:

• Fans will get a full refund for all canceled preseason and regular-season games.

• Season and partial season ticket holders will have the option to get their money back either in the form they paid (such as a personal check or credit card) or as a credit toward ticket purchases for future games.

• Fans buying individual game tickets can either get a refund or the option to swap their canceled game ticket for a game selected by the club and subject to availability.

• When will fans get their money back? The NFL says they’ll be paid no later than 30 days after the final determination of how many games will be played next season.

The NFL estimates that each canceled game would cost an NFL team around $7-8 million in refunds.

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