When Hope Is Lost, Call Executive Customer Service

Consumerist has been a big proponent of getting people to get their intractable issues with companies solved by going to executive customer service. The Baltimore Sun profiled this phenomenon in a recent column and offers advice on how to do it.

Baltimore Sun writes:

•When you’re unable to resolve a problem via the usual customer service route, try reaching a higher-level company official who can make things right.

•To find phone numbers, check the company directory at Consumerist.com [ed. here it is!]. Or get names of top corporate representatives as well as the address and phone number for the headquarters from a company’s website.

•Ben Popken, managing editor of the Consumerist.com, advises condensing your complaint, proposing a resolution and remembering to be polite, professional and persistent.

Regular readers of this site already know about going to top executives with your problems, but a refresher never hurts and new readers can benefit.

For tough problems, call executive customer service [Baltimore Sun]

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