Yesterday Was The New Black Friday

If it seemed as though the Black Friday hysteria wasn’t as outrageous this morning as it has been in years’ past, maybe that’s because so many people had the chance to get a jump on the shopping season yesterday.

KCTV 5 Kansas City posted a story about retailers that were open for at least part of Thanksgiving. Among stores that swung open their doors were Old Navy, Sears, Kmart, many Walmarts and — last night at 10 p.m. — Toys R Us. Since it’s a well-known fact that no retail workers celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s just fine that they had to punch in yesterday to sell us stuff, because they’d certainly rather have been doing that than eating and watching football anyway.

If you shopped on Thanksgiving, what was the scene like, and how did it compare to what you’re seeing today?

Thanksgiving Shopping Attracts Customers [KCTV 5]

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