Pizza Store Robbers Need To Learn That 'Dough' Doesn't Always Mean Cash

Every day in this good country, masked robbers make off with sacks of dough (aka cash) from fast food joints and pizza places. But a would-be pizzeria thief in Staten Island has learned that sometimes dough just means dough.

DEA agents arrested a man last Friday who — in June 2008 — allegedly followed the owner of a pizza shop to his home, where the robber and an accomplice held the owner at gunpoint before making off with what they believed to be a bag of cash.

Except it wasn’t.

“The bag that was stolen contained pizza dough,” said a DEA agent.

It must have been some awfully special dough though, because the pizzeria owner reportedly resisted his assailants’ attempts to take the bag and received two bullets in the legs for his effort.

The accused robber was released on $1 million bail.

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