Watch Out For Signs Of Get-Poor-Quick Scams

These may be hard times for the working man, but they’re boom times for con artists. In a tough financial climate, it’s more tempting than ever to seek out extra income streams, taking flyers on opportunities with which you may have little experience. That’s where shysters come in, ready to exploit your need for quick, easy money while hoping you overlook things that don’t seem quite right with their propositions.

Writing at Money Crashers, Martin spells out some red flags to watch out for when pursuing extra work:

*Upfront expenses are required. The money should flow from the company to you, and not the other way around. If it’s an investment opportunity, promises of an outlandish return should make you skeptical.

*The company is overseas. The reason the company isn’t operating stateside may be it’s avoiding the laws here.

*Details about how and when you’ll be paid are vague. Don’t be afraid to nail down the invoice and payment details before you do any work. If you can’t get exact answers, it’s foolish to believe the offer is genuine.

Tell us about any bogus work-from-home schemes you’ve encountered.

Work From Home Scams and Get Rich Quick Schemes to Watch Out For [Money Crashers]

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