Upgrade Your Outfits Without Downgrading Your Net Worth

With a little creativity, those ragged clothes that fill your closet don’t have to define the way you look. You can class up your wardrobe if you’re willing to put in enough work to shop for steals at the right places

On his One Money Design blog, Jason lays out a 10-point plan for improving your clothing roster. He says you should start by weeding out your closet of the undesirables, then start scouting garage sales, thrift shops and consignment stores for some replacements. Jason is confident that diligence pays off at such secondhand treasure troves, which fill up with excellent finds.

Or you can be like me and never, ever buy new clothes, defining your look as “slovenly slacker chic.”

10 Ideas For Updating Your Wardrobe On A Budget [One Money Design]

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