Canned Unicorn Meat Hits Market

Just in time for an unforgettable Thanksgiving, canned unicorn meat is here. Yes, this is a real product which you can purchase and open.

Originally an April Fool’s joke over at ThinkGeek, the site ran into a bit of legal trouble after the Pork Board sent them a C&D for appropriating their slogan, “The Other White Meat.”

After retooling the product formula and a new tagline, canned unicorn meat is here. It’s really just a quartered and sliced unicorn plushie in a can, but that’s still pretty cool.

I have not personally tested this product but it appears to be an excellent source of sparkles.

Canned Unicorn Meat [ThinkGeek]

National Pork Board Attempting To Halt Sales Of Canned Unicorn Meat