Maytag Dishwasher Possessed By Devil

Katie’s Maytag dishwasher barfs water all over the place and has had multiple parts fail. Recently the company issued a recall for her model offering a repair or $200 credit but unfortunately her serial number wasn’t included in the list. Where’s that old Maytag guy when you need him? Oh right, forced into early retirement and replaced with an outsourced vendor.

Katie writes:

I am writing today to tell you about a fun (hah!) experience I have had with my Maytag dishwasher.

We purchased a Maytag stand alone dishwasher on October 31, 2009. It cost us around $500 because it was stand alone (older house so we had no where in our kitchen to put it.) When we got it out of the box and hooked it up, we ran it with much glee. Except it was short lived. The unit immediately began to leak all over the my kitchen, causing us panic; then be grumpy when we had to call out service for our brand new dishwasher (Lowe’s wouldn’t take it back.)

Okay, it gets fixed, all is good. Then the front panel goes out. Whatever, we can just finagle it oddly and it starts up. Then the part that clips onto the faucet goes out. The repairman who comes out from A&E factory assistance is surly and tells us that these machines are finicky and now becoming rare. That doesn’t apply to us and we don’t care; our house is older and we REALLY just want a dishwasher.

It takes a month for both parts to come. I call A&E on a Thursday and they are able to come out and fix it the following Monday. Well, that was the Monday of this week. Last night we went to run the dishes and the part that attaches to the faucet starts spraying during the cycle, making puddles of water all over my counters.

Today we got a letter from Maytag saying that some of their dishwashers have gotten recalled because they could overheat and set your kitchen ON FIRE. They recommend that if you have a stand alone to unplug it and if you have one that goes under your counter to completely shut off the breaker that it attaches to it. They are offering a repair or a $200 credit to get a new one. When we examined our serial number, ours was not recalled.

I called Maytag’s customer service line and told the nice cs rep about my troubles and asked her if there was any higher up I could speak to, she emphasized and said she did not.

After writing this all this to you, do you happen to have the emails or phone numbers for the exes of Maytag? I am upset that it keeps having problems despite multiple fixes. In my grandparents day, Maytag was a prestigious, quality product but this makes me never want to even look at one of their products again even if it was cheap.

Try getting in touch with Maytag via their Twitter account. They seem to be trying to help people with their problems.

You can also report your woes to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s possible Maytag’s recall could get expanded.


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  1. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    So that’s where basement cat lives…

  2. Alvis says:

    “we REALLY just want a dishwasher”

    Here, Katie, check out this mirror…

    I kid – I kid

  3. McRib wants to know if you've been saved by the Holy Clown says:

    Isn’t that the kitteh/wash your potato picture?

  4. Dover says:

    “…she emphasized and said she did not.”

    I can’t believe anyone would say that. Did she emphatically deny emphasizing?

  5. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    It’s not just a dishwasher, it’s also a catwasher! (Pro tip: Use shampoo instead of dishwashing detergent when washing cats in the catwasher.)

  6. GrayMatter says:

    This is NOT to blame the OP; it is intended to (maybe) be able to help. I had similar problems.

    The washer is built identicallly to an installed machine, except for the hoses and the electrical plug. (And the pretty metal cover and casters of course)

    The connection to the faucet has two hoses: One is the input to the washer and the other is the output. The thing is supposed to allow the water into the unit while allowing output to go into the sink. The plastic body that connects to the faucet simply will not withstand any kind of side pull.

    When I found out how much a replacement connector was, I went MacGuyver!! I got a regular drain hose. I got an adaptor for my faucet that allows a standard hose connection (a big plumbing house can help). I got a restaurant-rated (potable water) hose and attached it to the washer (I cut off that end; hose clamps are your friend) and screwed the other end to the faucet. Except that it took 30 seconds to set up the hoses instead of 5, it was no more trouble than the original equipment.

  7. Macgyver says:

    It just sounds like a bad hose connection, not the dishwasher. The front panel went out, was most likely due to the water causing a short.
    And that recall doesn’t even sounds like it applies to your dishwasher.

  8. obits3 says:

    Always remember to rinse your kitty after washing. A soapy kitty is no fun to play with.

    • McRib wants to know if you've been saved by the Holy Clown says:

      And properly fluff them with a hair dryer.
      They love that.

  9. coren says:

    She’s wrong – Katie, there’s always someone higher up. If it’s had this many serious problems (and they’re all from the dishwasher, not how it’s connected and whatnot) then it might be getting close to lemon status. But I don’t know much about lemon laws or how they mgiht apply in this case.

  10. humphrmi says:

    Maybe you should try this dishwasher…

    And that, folks, is my SECOND context-appropriate link to DontEvenReply in comments today!

  11. blogger X says:

    “Maytag Dishwasher Possessed By Devil”

    Well, if you use holy water and scream “the power of Christ compells you!” you won’t have this issue! Worked for me :)

  12. MarvinMar says:

    she emphasized and said she did not. should be empathized.
    do you happen to have the emails or phone numbers for the exes of Maytag? You mean like an ex wife or ex girlfriend? How would they help?
    Should be do you happen to have the emails or phone numbers for the execs of Maytag?

  13. jeepguy57 says:

    We just had ours fixed today from the recall. We wanted to replace it since its a total POS but the rebate would only make us purchase another Maytag, so it didn’t make a lot of sense.

    They use A&E Factory Service to do the repair. When the failed to show-up the first time, I called them, only to find out they are also Sears. No wonder they didn’t show up.

    The guy finally came today and fixed the recalled part. Now that I know they use Sears for their service, I certainly won’t be getting a Maytag again.

  14. Rachacha says:

    First porblem is A&E Factory service. They are horrid, and “repaired” my dishwasher with duct tape. a 9 month ordeal and I got Maytag to replace my dishwasher because of the incompetence.

    It does not appear that the problems that the OP is having are related to the recall, so complaining to the CPSC about a cr@ppy dishwasher won’t do much. If the product is still in warrantee, file a BBB complaint against Maytag/Whirlpool. They will respond.

    If it is out of warrantee, find a local repair person and avoid A&E (Sears is their parent company, and all good Consumerist readers know to avoid Sears).

  15. jaredwilliams says:

    Maytag went bankrupt because everything they made from 1996 on was a piece of shit. Whirlpool inherited their problems along with gobbling up the brand and integrating their products together. There is no such thing as Maytag how you knew it. Portable dishwashers all suck by the way. GE has the best one however.

  16. jpdanzig says:

    The days of Maytag as “the dependability people” are long gone. Every day there are new tales of woe over at about the company’s machines failing repeatedly. Apparently Whirlpool makes junk as well. Consumerist would do readers a favor running an article asking for reliability stories — who if anyone still makes appliances like the ones our parents had, that ran for decades without problems???

  17. lucky13 says:

    The repairman didn’t mention the hairballs clogging the hoses?

  18. UlaniMosquito says:

    I’ve never understood you Americans and your obsession with dishwashers. I find they don’t do a very good job at washing the dishes and if you have to run them under the water first to get rid of the thicker stuff on the plates then what’s the point of using the dishwasher? Not to mention the trouble you have to go through with the loading and unloading of dishes. I find washing dishes a pain no matter which way you chose to do it so I really don’t get why someone would bother with a machine that does it half as*ed when you can do it better yourself and it takes more or less the same effort.

    • webweazel says:

      I kind of agree with you. If the stuff has to sit in the DW for days before it’s full enough to wash it, yes, stuff has to be cleaned pretty well, and stuff still sticks on afterwards. It is dumb and doesn’t work that well. We have a double-drawer DW, and we LOVELOVELOVE it. One full day’s worth of dishes fits in one drawer. I don’t even have to rinse anything, just remove any large chunks of food, shove it all in, and run it. Empty it the next day by moving the dishes from the DW back to the table, and filling up the other drawer with the new dirtys. To us, a full-size DW is for a larger family size, so it get full faster and run more often. A double-drawer is more tailored to a one or two-person household.

  19. MustyBuckets says:

    First off, I’m not trying to blame the OP. Whirlpool has a habit of sending A&E out to everyone’s houses, and with a quick search, you can see that you aren’t the first person unhappy with A&E. There was a problem with your Maytag Dishwasher, but it sounds like it probably wasn’t an issue that should have taken a month to get the parts, and shouldn’t be an issue that isn’t fixable. All you want is a dishwasher, try calling for service, and demanding that someone come out that isn’t A&E.

    Secondly, if a unit doesn’t work out of the box, the store should always take it back. If it worked twice and screwed up, it’s up to the store, but out of the box broken should always be a returnable item. Feel free to talk to Lowes about getting help to get a working unit, but I recommend, for the future, to try to find an independent sales and service shop. They generally cost less and have much better service.

  20. CTAA says:

    WHirlpool owns 49% share in A&E service, so they are always dispatched for any Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana etc.. (any brand that Whirlpool owns). As co-owner of and independent appliance and tv service shop, we have dealt with some customers aftermath of having A&E service their appliances. On one occasion, a customer had a refridgerator serviced 3 different times by A&E, still not repaired on the 3rd try, they called our shop. Our tech went out the next day, had the parts to fix it properly and charged less than A&E did on their initial trip. We have made quite a few customers this way. A&E service techs only have a certain amount of time to spend on a service call, if they can’t figure out the problem in that time, they have to reschedule. Independents charge less and can get to a customer in a couple of days instead of weeks. If you can, try an independent before A&E.

    I also agree with one poster. GE makes the best portable dishwasher.