Badware Hosting Sites Growing More Sophisticated, Offer Menu Of Services

The illicit economy of phishers and malware perpetrators is growing more sophisticated, and more brazen. “Bulletproof” hosting sites that offered to protect their users from attacks and takedown requests now have corporate-like web pages offering a menu of a la carte services. The only limit is no spam and no porn. Hey, even they have standards.

Body Armor for Bad Web Sites [Krebs On Security via Boing Boing]


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  1. p. observer says:

    But can i host warez? most of the offshore hosting providers I’ve seen say no hosting warez or cp

  2. dmuth says:

    I doubt it will work in the long run. If that webhost won’t respond to complaints or pressure, then people will simply apply the same pressure to whatever datacenter is hosting them, whatever companies are providing them bandwidth, etc. Or, in this case, since we’re talking malware, law enforcement may get involved and short-circuit the aforementioned process. :-)

    I saw the same exact pattern repeat itself back in the late-90s with spammers and spam-friendly webhosts. (sans actual law enforcement involvement)

    • Mariushm says:

      These services are hosted in countries where simply put there is no legislation against this type of thing.

      Simply put, automated posting to forums and websites to promote products (aka spamming links) is legal in China and Russia. The datacenter won’t care, because it’s legal and there’s no repercussion against them compared to email spamming.

      When people do email spamming, the IP of that server gets blacklisted and placed on various lists so emails will no longer be accepted from that IP by most mail servers in the world. It’s hard to remove the IP from those lists so datacenters have an interest in keeping those IPs working when sending legitimate emails.

      With link postings however, there is no such blacklisting service so they don’t have anything to worry about.

      They don’t allow porn not because of their standards but because the servers are located in countries with a large population of Muslims (Indonesia, China, some parts of India) and the laws around those parts prohibit erotic content.