Beware Of "Windshield Bullies"

Police are issuing renewed warnings about “windshield bullies.” In some of the worst cases, they’ll damage your windshield and then ring your doorbell offering their windshield replacement services.

Sometimes they also have partners who, a week after your windshield gets replaced, will come by and say the first guys didn’t install it correctly, and offer to do a second replacement. For a fee, of course. Others are using your repair as a step in their insurance fraud by falsely claiming it was done in a rural area, which gets a higher premium payout than urban ones.

Windshield problems that interfere with driving should be fixed as soon as possible, but set it up with your insurance company first, not because some guy hovering around your car shoved some flyers in your hand.

‘Windshield bullies’ a growing fraud problem [Red Tape Chronicles]

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