Best Buy Plasma TV Prices Crash Below $400

Attention morons who’ve smashed their TVs by using the Xbox Kinect in a room with a ceiling fan: Best Buy is offering a 42-inch plasma TV for under $400 as part of its Black Friday sale. Just find another room to put it in before hooking up your 360.

According to Consumer Reports, this one actually seems like a good buy (we still can’t bring ourselves to say it’s the best):

Earlier this year, we saw Best Buy offer a 42-inch 720p plasma–from Insignia, Best Buy’s house brand–for $400. For Black Friday, the store will have a similar Insignia TV (NS-32P650A11) for even less: $370, down from its current price of $470. We’ve already reported on a $400 Zenith-brand 42-inch plasma for $400 at Sears.

In addition, Best Buy wlll offer Panasonic’s 46-inch 720p Viera plasma TV (TC-P46C2) for $500, down from $600 currently, and a 50-inch 1080p Viera plasma (TC-P50U2) f $700, $200 less than its current price.

Oh, one more thing: Consumer Reports warns against using the Kinect in a room with ceiling fans.

Best Buy’s Black Friday ad: Say hello to the sub-$400 plasma TV [Consumer Reports]

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