Netflix Has Another Streaming Outage, Apologizes With Credits

On Tuesday night Netflix suffered another temporary streaming outage. This late afternoon they once again apologized by sending out customers an email offering a 2-3% reduction off their bill or an extension of their free trial. You’ll have to click on the link in the email to claim the credit. Hey, if Netflix keeps going at this rate, soon we’ll end up with a free month!


Netflix Apologizes For Brief Outage, Offers Bill Credit


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  1. Coles_Law says:

    Kudos to Netflix for their customer service on this. I am curious as to the cause of these outages recently though.

  2. GuJiaXian says:

    I never got an e-mail…

    • fundelman says:

      Nor did I but I did actually experience the outage as opposed to it going totally unnoticed.

      • slulplal says:

        I never got an email also. This is getting ridiculous. The last time Consumerist covered a refund email, I didn’t receive it also. There was another one that happened today as well. Like you, I actually notice these outages.

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          i got one the last time but it hadn’t affected me so i didn’t use it but this time it did affect me and i haven’t gotten the email

          • ravana says:


            I never got one last time (but then again I hadn’t tried using it)

            I did run into issues streaming the other day & didn’t get anything.

            Not feeling the Netflix love here :(

          • ravana says:


            I never got one last time (but then again I hadn’t tried using it)

            I did run into issues streaming the other day & didn’t get anything.

            Not feeling the Netflix love here :(

        • Amnesiac85 says:

          I actually didn’t get one last time, when it actually did affect me (we were trying to watch movies), but did get one this time, when it did not affect me (well, at least, I was not trying to watch anything at the moment).

          No clue how this e-mail system works.

        • Rena says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they get flagged by spam filters. Things like “click here to receive 2% off” don’t exactly sound like legitimate messages.

    • Xerloq says:

      Call customer service. It worked for me to the tune of 2%.

      It could be that the outage you had wasn’t on Netflix’s end, but another factor somewhere in between. Just be polite and you’ll most likely get it.

      • GuJiaXian says:

        Thanks! I’ll do that after work today.

      • notserpmh says:

        I had trouble watching Netflix on my Roku during the same time period. After reading your post, I thought about calling Netflix (since I didn’t get the email) and then realized that a 3% credit is 27 cents. Although I am disappointed with the outage, I don’t think it is worth even a little time on hold.

  3. UltimateOutsider says:

    I’m wondering if any of this has been Akamai’s fault? I read some rumors recently that the huge deal Netflix had with them is falling apart due to quality issues.

  4. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    Now, aren’t you glad I caught that email [redacted]@[redacted].com?

    Nice save, Consumerist!

  5. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    i was watching netflix streaming on my roku when it happened. it was back on before i got to the bathroom. my satellite is out longer when it’s raining.
    i love netflix’s idea of customer service.

  6. lawnmowerdeth says:

    I got the e-mail but didn’t have any problems streaming.

    Mom raised me too damn honest to be able to click for the discount without feeling guilty.

  7. Delta1 says:

    I’ve had lots of streaming problems, TV episodes out of order, shows without sound, but I’ve never gotten any kind of refund for all that.

  8. SlappyFrog says:

    I enjoy Netflix so much that I don’t actually redeem these coupons because I wasn’t watching at the time and didn’t experience the outage.

    Still, very cool.

  9. dragoncat42 says:

    so..what does one do if you actually *did* experience problems…but didn’t get the email?

  10. Xerloq says:
  11. andyross says:

    Anyone know WHEN this happened. I watched some last night, and didn’t notice a problem.

    That said, I did notice that “Farscape” is no longer available for streaming. They just simply yanked it from the queue, with not notice. I understand that agreements may expire, but it would be nice to get some mail stating that they are removing something from your queue, with some explanation. I don’t like it when things just disappear.

    • Zerkaboid says:

      This e-mail was from me actually. It was Tuesday evening, I tried to turn something on at about 8 and couldn’t, tried every 10 or 15 minutes or so for about an hour and then gave up. It was through a PS3. I tested my iPhone too and it was not working.

      Apparently the PS3, Wii and Apple TV had problems (and iPhone too since I couldn’t get it to work). I found this website while trying to figure out what was going wrong: By 10PM it was back up and running.

    • nybiker says:

      I am guessing that you’ve seen the dates next to the titles (as opposed to the Availability column) when they are in your Instant Queue. If they never had such a date next to the entry, then I understand and agree with your frustration at its removal. On the flip side I see that a movie entitled “Stone of Destiny” which is in my Saved DVD queue has the 12/1/2010 date next to it indicating that it is coming to streaming on that date.

      • andyross says:

        I never noticed any dates. But then, I don’t check it that often. I watch on my TV, which only lists things by covers. So far, nothing I have in my queue has a date next to it. Also, I noticed that “Farscape” was moved to the Saved section and not actually deleted.

    • Gamma1099 says:

      I recommend the site They do a fantastic job of compiling all the comings and goings on Netflix streaming. Currently, get ready for all SNL content to disappear on Monday. On the other hand, they are adding Human Centipede that day, so…. win?!?

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        Oops, that reminds me, I better take Centipede out of my queue. I already rented it from Blockbuster.

        It wasn’t bad.

    • CFinWV says:

      It’s not on there anymore? DANG it, I was actually planning to watch it this weekend marathon style. :(

    • theblackdog says:

      Actually if you log in and check your queue, there is a spot where it will say “available until MM/DD/YY” if it is going to leave soon.

      • Gamma1099 says:

        For whatever reason, FeedFliks makes that information available before Netflix does the majority of the time.

  12. Norvy says:

    Since we’re agreed that this is a fairly regular occurrence, maybe it doesn’t need reporting on every time?

  13. Portlandia says:

    “Hey, if Netflix keeps going at this rate, soon we’ll end up with a free month!”

    Harsh much? I think Netflix has been unusually reliable especially given how much web traffic it generates.

  14. maynurd says:

    Kudos to Netflix for offering a credit to its customers following anh interruption of service. Now if only we can get the cable companies, internet providers and power companies to follow their example……

  15. smirkette says:

    I didn’t even notice and got the email. Netflix customer service proves itself once again awesome.

  16. GeorgeO says:

    It is simply not possible for me to LOVE Netflix more than I do.

    Customer service done right!

  17. SkreanAme says:

    Every company ever: Take note.


    1) Netflix.
    Q: I’ve lost that DVD. I can’t find it anywhere.
    A: Don’t worry about it. Did you get a chance to watch it? Should we re-ship you another copy?

    2) Zappos:
    Q: I’ve worn these shoes for a month, but I don’t think I like them.
    A: Do you want us to send you a shipping label and refund the card you used to purchase them?

    Q: My book didn’t show up. The tracking number says it was delivered, but I don’t have it.
    A: Shipping a new copy now overnight.

    No matter what, I am a literal advocate for these businesses. When anyone asks me about a product that any of them deliver I immediately tell them go with this company or don’t to your own detriment.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Me too. These three businesses always get my money first. Well, Netflix automatically charges me every month but I’m extremely satisfied with Netflix. I’ve done nearly all of my Christmas shopping up to date with Amazon because I have prime shipping. Amazon actually just refunded my one-day shipping because it didn’t get here in one day. No hassle, no doubting my story (though the evidence was there – the tracking info said it was still out for delivery when it was past the normal delivery window).

    • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

      That is a great list, but I would also add to it. They’re pretty awesome and their Lifetime Guarantee really means lifetime.

  18. RyansChestHair says:

    Its nice their offering a discount, but 2-3% sounds kind of skimpy.

    • infecto says:

      How is it skimpy? Netflix operates like a machine. If anything the credit is too much. Think of it this way. 100/30=3.33 = 3% credit. They essentially gave you a days credit.

    • dkev says:

      You clearly can’t do math. 29 cents = 1 day credit. Streaming cost you just over .01 cents per hour for the month if your on a $9.99 plan. I think they are being more then generous.

  19. Corinthos says:

    I get these. They never have really affected me and I like netflix so I don’t click to redeem.

  20. Rose says:

    This is the second time that I’ve experienced an outage and not gotten a credit for it.

    Of course, I used to experience an outage every night at the same time, while still having Internet and being able to stream from Amazon and Hulu. Netflix customer service could never explain that, either.

  21. loquaciousmusic says:

    I’ve been having serious problems with streaming Netflix for a few days. I wasn’t home last night so I couldn’t see if the problem had been fixed, but I hope it has been—and kudos to Netflix for yet again rectifying the problem!

  22. skyguy says:

    Saw some interesting news yesterday about Netflix and their relationship to Akamai, who provide content mirroring services around the internet to support Netflix streaming.

  23. Willy_HSV says:

    We got hit by the “outage” also. Instead of streaming a movie we have already seen, we just decided to pop in one of our DVDs that we have already seen. I applaud NetFlix for offering the refund, but it is kind of silly if the outage is not longer than a couple hours or so…. either way, I figured they can keep my 35 cents :)

  24. xamarshahx says:

    why do i never get these e-mails? do you have to be watching at that time?

  25. suez says:

    Honestly, as much as I love Netflix, I’ve been having connection problems from the day they had me drop the disk. It’s nice to finally get some compensation, though.

    • RadarOReally has got the Post-Vacation Blues says:

      “drop the disk”?

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I think what suez means is when the PS3 and XBox users (and Wii users too, I’m not sure) could stream without the disc.

        I haven’t had any problems since “dropping the disk” – streaming has been perfect.

  26. theblackdog says:

    The last two times this has happened it was on a night I was not watching streaming. I feel it would be wrong of me to ask for it so I haven’t bothered clicking.

  27. CalicoGal says:

    I am about a week in to my Free Trial and Tuesday night I was trying to activate my Wii, iPhone, & iPod Touch.

    I was wondering why they weren’t working and I was getting frustrated! I am glad it wasn’t my fault!

    The TiVo was streaming ok, but minus the audio. But that’s apparently TiVo’s problem since I have that issue with their Web-based content sometimes.

    I didn’t get the email from Netflix but I am glad to know what happened.

  28. TampaShooters says:

    I got a 3% refund… and I wasn’t even in town, sweet.

  29. AmandaLoo says:

    Weird. I only got 2% and have a more expensive plan. Wonder how they figured out the discount percentage.

    “We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you attempted and were unable to instantly watch TV episodes or movies yesterday, click on this account specific link in the next 7 days to apply your 2% credit to your next billing statement for your 2 DVDs out at-a-time (Unlimited) plan. Credit can only be applied once. “

  30. RGard says:

    In the same day, NetFlix made an announcement of a new partnership with Level3 Communications to serve as their CDN. Methinks NetFlix has finally kicked Akamai to the curb.

  31. Not Again says:

    I never got any of those Emails.