Chicago To Sell Naming Rights To Bus Routes, Train Lines, Everything It Can

Next spring, the commuters of Chicago may no longer be taking the Red Line to Addison if they want to catch a Cubs game. If the Chicago Transit Authority has its way, they could be riding on McDonald’s Express and getting off at Costco Station.

The CTA announced yesterday that it intends on selling off the naming rights to just about everything it possibly can.

From the Chicago Tribune:

That includes rail lines and stations, bus routes, retail concessions, and special events. Even the venerable CTA logo will be on the auction block.

“We want to find new ways to generate revenue,” said the CTA prez. “And we want to do so in a way that will enhance the experience of our riders for improvements, services and amenities…

“Providing 1.7 million rides every single day is a value to somebody someplace… The question is, What’s it worth?”

Is this a problem if the CTA uses the money to improve service and not increase rates? Do you think that would actually happen?

CTA to sell naming rights to rail stations, bus routes [Chicago Tribune]

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