Why Can't We Resist These Classic Sales Pitches?

No matter how savvy we are as shoppers, there are still some time-tested sales pitches that will make some of us at least give some thought to making a purchase we otherwise might not have made.

Over at SmartMoney.com, they take a look at 7 tried-and-true pitches, who they are targeted at, and why they still work.

Among the pitches on their list:
*”Get a free gift with your $50 purchase”
“It’s the retail equivalent of finding money on the ground. And shoppers equate added value with a discount — even if they’re spending extra money to get a freebie they wouldn’t have otherwise purchased and might not even use.”

*”Limit 5 per person”
“Limits trigger a feeling that the deal is so great that, if not for that limit-four-per-customer rule, shoppers would be filling their carts to the brim, leaving none for you… Setting a limit increases the likelihood you’ll buy at least one, and it’s even more effective if you were already planning to buy one of the item.”

*”Our Big Sale ends tomorrow/today/in a few hours”
“This tactic appeals to a basic instinct to grab what’s available or be left without… Think of the crowds stocking up on bottled water and canned goods before a major storm comes through. In those frenzied hours, it’s a matter of survival.”

To check out the entire list, go to SmartMoney.com

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